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Which puzzle games are suitable for children?

(1) Cube

Rubik's Cube is a kind of exercise that can cultivate people's hands-on, brain-braining ability, train people's logical thinking ability, concentration, memory, judgment, imagination and so on. It invests less, is not limited by age, etc. It is also easy to use and does not feel tedious.

An authorized representative of the World Rubik's Cube organizes various cube races in the member countries. In China, there are many Rubik's Cube competitions, and almost every province will have a game every year.

(2) Sudoku

Sudoku is a logic-filled digital padding game. It can improve people's logical thinking ability, exercise their thinking sensitivity, enhance the comprehensiveness of problem-seeking, and promote brain development. It is a good choice for leisure.

The Sudoku World Championships is currently the largest Sudoku competition in the world and is held once a year. The winner of this championship will be awarded the title of “The King of Sudoku”.

(3) Chess

Bridge, Go, Chess, Checkers, War Chess, Doo Chess are all chess and card intelligence games, of which Go, Chinese Chess, National Chess, Bridge, and International Checkers have been included in sports competitions. Chess and card games are both entertaining, interesting, knowledgeable, and scientific. It can improve children's memory and brain thinking ability, cultivate children's independent thinking ability, interpersonal skills, exercise thinking, and inspire wisdom.

The World Intellectual Games is an international event focusing on chess and intellectual sports. It is held every four years and in the same Olympic year as the Olympic Games.

4. Puzzles

A puzzle is a more direct method of training a child's intelligence than other intellectual movements. It can develop children's intelligence, develop children's attention, observation, etc., exercise children's hands-on brain ability, logical thinking ability, reasoning ability, etc., so that children enjoy physical and psychological enjoyment while doing the topic of entertainment, but also let the children fall in love Learn.

The World Intelligence Puzzle Championships is sponsored by the World Intellectual Puzzle Consortium. Once a year, the 22nd World Puzzle Championships in 2013 was held in Beijing, China.

Maybe we exclude children from playing games, but the right games can help children grow faster and become smarter. Holidays are coming. If you want to play with our recommended puzzle game this holiday season, it's not a bad thing to have one more interest for your child.