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Classical puzzle game Huarong Road gives design inspiration

Classical puzzle game Huarong Road gives design inspiration

With the continuous increase in the number of car ownership, the problem of parking has gradually attracted people's attention. Parking equipment is the mechanical equipment used to maximize access to stored vehicles. How to use the effective space to achieve the optimal parking program is the answer that researchers are always looking for. Can you think of an intelligent parking system developed using the classical game Huarong thinking?

Origins Design inspired by classic games Huarong Road

“The compact-array intelligent parking system, the classification definition name is the unmanned automatic parking equipment without fixed lanes. The reason why it is called dense array parking is because its parking capacity is much higher than ordinary parking equipment.” Han Xiaogang, the CEO of Baozhong Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., introduced his own R&D parking lot in the same way that he looked at his own children.

Han Xiaogang introduced that the dense array parking is completely different from ordinary parking equipment, and the source of research and development ideas is China’s ancient intellectual game Huarong Road. The dense array parking can be seen as a parking version of Huarong Road, which is perfect for modern mechanical transmission technology and classical thinking. Combine. As we all know, the game's gameplay is to move the chess piece through two spaces on the board and move it out of Huarong Road with the least number of steps. The core of this game is to minimize the number of moving steps in a limited space. The compact parking system adopts this thinking, maximizing the number of parking spaces and taking out the vehicles in the simplest way.

Reasonable utilization of corner area to increase the number of parking spaces

“Actually, the initial design was to solve the problem of intelligent two-dimensional sorting and warehousing. Later, it was discovered that such a design can also be applied to parking systems.” Han Xiaogang introduced that no-intelligence operation of dense-array parking was performed without using any multi-branch transmission method. The problem of orbital platform vehicles running freely in two dimensions. Multi-line parking technology can stop several vehicles at the same time. Each work station is equipped with a motor. Even if one node unit fails, the entire system is not affected at all and can be continuously operated.

The compact-array parking equipment is suitable for the construction of various venues. Plane, slope, single-layer, multi-layer, drum-type, and irregular shape terrain can all be constructed. The dense array parking equipment can be built on the ground floor, multi-storey, high-rise, underground basement single-storey and multi-storey; meticulous parking can be integrated with green space, activity venues, multi-storey residential buildings and commercial houses.

In the existing parking lot, a large number of garage areas are occupied by various car passages, exceeding 45%, and the rotational parking space of the dense-array parking garage accounts for 15% of the entire area. The area utilization rate reaches 85%, and there are no fixed parking lanes within the area. Only a small amount of revolving space is reserved, which is actually equivalent to an increase in the parking area of the parking lot. It does not take into account personnel getting on and off the car, the distance between cars is smaller, and the corner area of the parking lot can be better utilized. Array parking can increase the number of berths in a large amount, and the number of parking lots can be doubled for an independent parking lot. The number of pillars affected by pillars can also increase by 50% to 80%. Data statistics, one-level parking, This is equivalent to the number of parking facilities on the two or three floors of common lift-and-push parking facilities.

SUV owners who have used stereoscopic parking facilities may have experienced the dilemma of having fewer parking spaces. The second floor of the underground garage is even unable to park SUVs. The height of the compact parking system is set according to demand. The owners do not have to worry about the SUV being parked.

Save more parking space but no increase in construction costs

If the number of parking spaces increases, then is the corresponding construction cost higher? In fact, the parking density of the parking equipment is better than the existing parking equipment. According to the calculation of a single-layer plane device, with the same number of parking spaces, the compact-array parking equipment only occupies 50% of the land of other parking equipment, which greatly saves the cost of land; under the same parking volume, the total height of the parking equipment for the compact-array vehicle is only 50% of parking facilities, in the basement this will save a lot of building height costs, on the ground will also save the corresponding construction costs. In addition, the reduction of the total height also represents a corresponding reduction in the high energy consumption of the equipment operation; because it is an unmanned, non-fixed-channel type of parking equipment, its fire protection rating is accordingly reduced, which greatly saves the cost of fire protection.

The inner structure of the dense array consists of profiles, consisting of a power unit, a lift and a carrier plate. The power is provided by the motor. In the mechanical manufacturing, the simplest mechanical structure will have lower failures and lower maintenance. The perfect monitoring device and full foresight enable high-stable operation of machinery and equipment; standardization, modularization and substitutability ensure rapid processing of failures.

Although compact-array parking has a motor installed under each panel, the actual energy consumption for moving a vehicle is only 200 watts. The reason is that when the vehicle is moving, only the motor that needs to use the panel is run. Starting, compared with ordinary parking equipment, the actual energy consumption is much lower than ordinary equipment.

Uses a unique algorithm to make parking only 2 minutes

In the use of traditional mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces, if you want to pick up the car, you need to wait for a certain period of time to complete the information, and if you are in front of the car before the car has been taken or parked, you need to wait for the person in front to complete the operation. The traditional mechanical parking system is a one-line operation. When there is no current task, the next task can be performed, and the waiting time will be longer. Han Xiaogang introduced that dense array parking will not allow people to wait too long. The unique continuous transmission capacity allows the speed to be multiplied, multi-line parking technology, and the ability to stop paralleling several vehicles. When building a compact garage, the number of vehicle parking entrances and exits can be designed as required. Multiple vehicles can be stored at the same time. Even if vehicles are stored in front, it takes only tens of seconds and the vehicle storage entrance will be vacant. A car parked. The reason why parking is so fast is because the parking system is equipped with a parking buffer. In the same way, there is also an out-of-car buffer, which can also be quickly removed when the car is taken. The compact-array parking system is based on technologies such as cloud computing, big data, ETC-P, and the Internet of Things. It supports the deep mining of mass data by car users, enabling dense arrays. The parking system has a personalized parking pick memory reading ability. For example, the parking position of the vehicle can be adjusted intelligently according to the time of the parking user and the parking time per day, so that the user does not need to wait too much when taking the vehicle. “Before making a comparison with the quick-action of other types of parking systems, it takes about 7 minutes for the stacker to stop the car, and it takes about 5 minutes for the Taku to stop and the parking for the dense array takes only 2 minutes.” Han Xiaogang said that the dense array The “quick” parking is based on the two-minute pick-up without queue time. This high-speed stop is based on the equipment system and unique algorithm of the parking system.

Pick up the car to download the APP appointment to pick up the car without waiting

The intelligence of compact parking is also reflected in the automatic door opening, automatic payment of parking fees, real-time response to parking picking and parking reservations, and mobile phone terminal operations. When the vehicle enters the parking area and stops at the loading board, it only needs to confirm. Vehicle stall, pull the handbrake, close the window, retract the rearview mirror, no one in the car left no items, parking position is correct. When picking up the car, there is no need to worry about safety problems. There are pedestrian-only channels. There are multiple display screens on both sides of the channel to allow the car picker to pick up the car. Just follow the instructions and enter the vehicle's license plate number on the screen. Press the confirmation button. You can pick up the car. When passing through a pedestrian-only lane, the vehicle has also been moved to the pick-up port without waiting for the vehicle to start directly. In addition, the mobile phone downloads an APP, which can be used to make an appointment to retrieve the car through the mobile phone. The compact-array parking system will move the vehicle to the nearest buffer from the exit gate according to the owner's time of picking up the vehicle. car.

Eco-friendly parking and green and environmental protection

When the parking space is integrated with the grassland, the green grass is still seen in the distance, which can ensure the beauty and ensure the quality of the parking spaces. The vehicle is parked directly on the loading board and does not crush the lawn. When the vehicle leaves, the vehicle is moved out of the vehicle and the lawn is not damaged.

Intelligence is not only the characteristics of dense array parking, energy saving and environmental protection is also a major bright spot. Realize a true green intelligent parking system to support the use of new energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and bioenergy. The owner of the new energy vehicle does not need to worry about it. The smart charging device is installed in the compact parking system to replace the heavy charging mode of the charging pile. The owner does not have to worry about the charging problem and can easily charge the car while parking.

In addition, in the selection of building materials, it meets the requirements for building durability, fire prevention, earthquake resistance, flood protection, building energy conservation and construction, etc. The garage main body adopts steel structure, top photovoltaic solar panels, the external facade of the library adopts photovoltaic solar panels or aluminum buckles. Plates, RGV materials, wall coverings can be customized to different styles. At present, Micron's parking has been under construction in Xi'an. In the near future, there will be car owners who can use this "hard technology."