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Believe it or not? Boardgame is not only a game but also a medical treatment

Board game = playing games? This is a one-sided idea.

Just like anime

Animations and animations for young children are different from each other.

The same is true for board games. The difference between most of the main couples and ordinary games is that they can not only make you entertain and play, but also have the following functions: to make up for childhood regrets, to get rid of negative emotions, to exercise mental thinking, and to prevent premature aging.

1, make up for childhood regret

Adults did not enjoy the toys they liked during their childhood because of economic factors and they were left with regrets. However, a wide variety of styles of tabletop games provided them with “mental compensation” to some extent.

2, from the negative emotions

One data shows that nearly 20% of young people in modern cities suffer from different degrees of depression, mainly due to the unsatisfactory heavy work and life. These people just need to spend time gathering with friends and playing board games from the game. Get a sense of success and focus attention on the game for a moment, which is equivalent to a good psychotherapy.

3, exercise mind thinking

A World Health Organization survey of 1,000 young people and 1,000 elderly people found that young people generally have 14 billion brain cells and the brain weighs about 1,400 grams; while those 70 years old, the number of brain cells is only 60 years of youth. %, the weight of the brain is also reduced by about 200 grams.

Just as people who travel by car are prone to obesity, those who are monotonous and boring in life and indulge in television and VCD are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease than those who often use their brains. Board games, as a collection of the essence of human wisdom, chemistry, physics, psychology, society, philosophy, etc., play people have to fully mobilize the brain with language, facial expressions, body movements to complete a set of coordinated actions. Let the brain thinking exercise.

4, to prevent premature aging

A U.S. study found that the earlier people who have contact with educational games, the lower the incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Even some patients with mild Alzheimer's disease are exposed to educational toys, which can slow down or even stop the development of the disease and restore certain Intelligence, visible puzzle games can prevent premature aging.

Most of the games on the market today are
Puzzle board games

Generally divided into the following categories:
1. Abstract games
2, custom games
3, children's games
4, family games
5, party games
6, strategy games
7, theme game
8, war chess
1. Abstract games
Most of the chess, digital (mahjong, poker) games are called abstract games. Most of the games do not have specific background settings. Most of them are based on well-established mathematical models and the rules are varied. The common ones are: Go, Chess, Mahjong, Landlord, and so on. They are not listed one by one.

2, custom games
This type of game is mainly a two-player card game, similar to the well-known game king. Custom cards can be obtained through purchase. All cards have the same rarity. The game company will update the card pool after a certain period of time to provide new ones. In the deck, players can enjoy the fun of playing as long as they continue to purchase game expansion packs.
The main current ones are:
Game of Rights LCG

3, children's games
Features: The rules are simple, suitable for children under the age of 10 game, if you do not want to use your brain to play, just want to relax, then choose a cool game for children is also pretty good, on behalf of the game are:

4, family games
Wide range of subjects, strategic, suitable for adults and children to play together
The games represented are:

5, party games
With bragging force and beating guns as the mainstay, they are more valued in acting skills. They have a lively atmosphere when playing. They are suitable for young people and of course they are often tormented! If boys and girls play together, they must pay attention to the following requirements for such board games:
1, the rules are not complicated, the amount of text is small.
2. The time for a round must be short.
3, randomness is greater
4, art is better
Representatives are:
Werewolf Kill

Resistance Organization: Avalon

6, strategy games
The rules are complex and adaptable to players who like to think.
Here are some of the more playable:

7, theme game
Compared to strategy games, the theme game strategy is simpler, rules are looser, and games are mostly driven by dice. Representatives are:

8, war chess
War chess is a table game derived from war chess deduction. The main purpose of game design is to let players experience war through games.
The rules and rules of the game are quite complicated. Some games even have one shot to check several tables. But war chess is too small and only a few players have heard of it.
Hammer of Scotland