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In order to know which games E3 will publish this year, foreign media invited a master to predict


This year E3 is awkward. Tarot masters tell you the truth.

As one of the largest game shows in the world, the annual E3 exhibition is an important occasion for major game companies to focus on publishing new games. Thus, in the period before the annual E3 exhibition, guessing which games the vendors will release becomes a traditional item that players love to see.

However, as we all know, the confidentiality work of major manufacturers is now getting better and better. If it is not the intentional disclosure of the manufacturer, it is difficult for us to get any reliable information before the exhibition. And with the increase in false information, the public credibility of the Kuangdang Party and the “informed person” has long been worse than before.

These objective conditions do not seem to prevent curious people from eating melons. In order to know a few days ahead of time what new E3 material is, a foreign media company, Gameinformer, has recently done a very wonderful thing.

They found a fortune teller and let him use tarot cards to predict the companies Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. This year E3 will come up with something. If you can't solve something scientifically, you can try it with metaphysics.

In order to ensure professionalism, Gameinformer deliberately found a famous fortune-telling shop "The Eye of Horus," and spent $65 for it. I also found some information on my own, and combined this GI video to tell everyone exactly what the master predicted.

The master predicted Microsoft first. He took out four cards in a certain sequence and then explained the meaning of these cards to the reporter one by one.

The first card is Sword 10, and the meaning of this card is not very good. Usually it represents the end of something, or the progress of things is disturbed. The master thinks this card represents that Microsoft is trying to hide something and is not willing to face the truth.

The second card is the reverse of the Holy Grail 5, it implies a draconian state of mind, give up some old things, to find a new path.

The third card is the token 8, which means that the plan has not been hindered or restricted. The long-delayed event will be reached quickly and the good news may follow.

The last card is the priestess. This card represents a mystery, but also shows the spiritual level of creation and lack of action. The master believes that this card is to be explained in conjunction with the first one. He feels that Microsoft is hiding a major and mysterious news.

Upon hearing this, the GI reporter immediately asked if this is not Halo 6. The guru was a bit unsure, and then pulled out a sword knight. He felt that this major news should not be "halo" and may imply a game involving knights. He asked reporters, Microsoft has a knight-related games?

"That should be "The Age of Empires." But without waiting for the words, the master pulled out another dragon.

Microsoft's Dragon and Knight games make it easy to think of the previously cancelled Dragon Scale Incarnation. So the reporter asked the master whether he saw the headphones.

If you have headphones, let’s hammer it.

Obviously, the master didn't know what he was saying. He smiled slyly and said he didn't see any headphones. Then another Star coin 4 was drawn. This card represents the pursuit of property and material gains, which may indicate that Microsoft's hidden game can make a fortune, "but it certainly has nothing to do with headphones."

When Microsoft's prediction came to an end, it seemed that there was nothing too much for the players to expect. Then, the master predicted Sony's content.

The interesting thing is that Sony's first card is also the Sword 10, and it seems that they have encountered similar difficulties with Microsoft.

The second card is the star. It was originally a card with a very good meaning. It means the realization of the desire, and the coming success. The reporter said excitedly: "Is it right that the "FF7" remastered version is coming?"

Unfortunately, he got a reversed star. The master explained that as a result, the symbolism of the stars is completely reversed. This incident will not develop in the way you hope for, and beautiful expectations will be lost. "As for the retelling of "FF7" you said, it will probably not be as good as you expected."

The third card is the sceptre 9, which means pursuing new challenges in a comfortable environment and trying to find hope in difficulties. The master believes that this may also mean a maze.

The fourth is the swordsman. It represents something brand new, and has an attitude of taking the initiative. At the same time, the master interprets it according to the cards, which may also represent something related to the robot.

Then the master singled out a Queen of the Sword, and he felt that it constituted the meaning of a family together with the Swordsman. The Queen of the Sword represents reason and patience, while the Swordsman presupposes something new, but they are related.

The reporter soon thought of Hideo Kojima’s “Death of Death” and asked the master to make a prediction. The guru felt that the energy of this issue was not familiar to him. He needed to let the reporter draw a piece for his prediction.

The result is a fool. The fool is the first of the Tarot cards. It indicates a new beginning and unlimited possibilities. There is no fear or expectation ahead. The fool also has the meaning of a newborn. This may mean that "death is dead" is really a game that has never been seen before.
This is the meaning of ... fish intimacy? Quite accurate

It was finally Nintendo's turn and I didn't expect the first card to be a sword. (Does it mean that the industry is finished?)
Nintendo's second card is a reversed sword4, which means that they are fully prepared and prepared, and they have accumulated enough power to make some big moves.

Masters believe that Nintendo will continue to launch some important products like the Mario series. The reporter interjected: "It should be DLC." "Well, you are right."

The third card is a fool we have already seen. The master thinks that Nintendo has a very powerful thing in his hand, perhaps a brand new patent. It may cause a huge sensation.

The last one is the reversed holy grail. The Holy Grail 10 means to unite a happy family, and the reverse position represents the contradiction and split between families. The reporter speculated that this may be talking about "Nintendo squabbles." The master believes that this may be a space-related game, perhaps a brand new series.
In the end, a single trial was drawn out. Normal trials meant adjustments and changes in a crucial period. The master thought that this showed that Nintendo would make some strong and powerful announcements.

After finishing the three, the GI reporter specifically asked about the status of Todd Howard, producer of the Elder Scrolls series.

The master said, then I'll take a look at what the Elder Scrolls 6 did. He took a holy grail and thought that "The Elder Scrolls 6" might not be optimistic. Todd Howard seemed to be detaching from some emotional burdens, trying to get out of the previous influence and probably doing something new.

Then he took another piece of the emperor. This card represents the ambition and ambition of realizing the ideal. The master thinks this is a positive signal.

As for the outcome of the forecast, it is estimated that no one can speak for the time being. Anyway, they are all for the sake of happiness. The GI reporter feels that the money is worth the money.

I read the comments below, and many viewers said that this program was effective.