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To The End is a heart-breaking puzzle game with a simple control


To The End is a heart-breaking puzzle game. In the game, the player needs to control a scroll wheel to complete a difficult level. The control method is very simple. Click the screen and the scroll wheel will scroll. Click on the scroll wheel to reach the end point, a total of 13 levels. Each game has a total of 3 lives. Use it from the first level.

The game screen of "EL" is like black-and-white movies. If you really experience this game, you will certainly be shocked by its beautiful picture. Although it uses a seemingly ordinary silhouette style, it is easy to match. The effect of light and shadow creates the effect of early black and white movies. Even so, the game still does not give up the pursuit of character movements, the action design in the game is very smooth and natural, and it is in line with physics.

"EL" is a flight avoidance game. When it comes to avoiding games, I believe that many players will be very familiar with their operating mode, the lower left corner, the lower right corner of the rise / fall, but "EL" made some small Innovation, in the lower right corner of the control area, is used to open and close the umbrella, in fact, is to control the floating and falling. In the lower left corner, it becomes a “windy wind”, and you want people to move quickly. Then you need to open the umbrella and then swipe in the lower left corner. This is an interesting design. Although it adds a lot of difficulty, it’s just a matter of playing. It feels good and it's fresh.