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Playing games with children can make children think more agile?


Every mother wants her child to be fluent in eloquence. However, the child's language ability is not born. This requires mothers to train and train their children. Is there any game that can exercise your child's eloquence? The answer is of course! The following helps mom introduce several games to moms, which can effectively improve the child's eloquence.

What games can exercise your child's eloquence?
1, gulugulu
First, mom and child stand face to face. Then both sides took empty fists. When the game started, mother and child intertwined with each other and whirled up and down and chanted "gulugulu". Then the child and mother stretched out a finger at the same time, first by the mother and said: "a bird." Then the two men circled again and read "gulugulu". At the same time, stick out two fingers. At this time, the child will answer and say, "Two cows." By analogy, the digital word group is advanced to 10 and the game is over.
This game can be very good exercise children's usage of words and impromptu speaking ability, so that children's thinking becomes more agile

2, tell the story
This is best done by mothers, fathers and children, with a minimum of three talents. First of all, mothers can tell some funny stories in their children's ears. Then when the child hears the story, tell the story to the father again. At the end, Dad tells the story from the child's mouth and confirms it with her mother. If there is really no third person, this game is playable. When the mother tells the story of the child, she can have the child repeat it in her ear.
This game can exercise children's memory and language skills.

3, radio stations
The more people this game is, the more fun it is. It is best to do it with family members. Every family member can act as a radio station. For example: Momma radio station, Daddy radio station, Grandpa radio station, etc. At the beginning of the game, a family member begins to make a phone call. When calling a family member's radio station, the radio station will perform programs such as singing, comic dialogue, and tongue twister according to the caller's request. Parents can consciously make more calls to their children's radio stations so that they can get more training opportunities and thus improve their children's language skills.
This game can mobilize the child's curiosity and enthusiasm, so that the child's attitude becomes more generous, language expression more emotional.
Did these moms learn to raise their child's eloquence? When they are all right, mothers can play with their children. This is especially true for the "squeaky," which is simply convenient and fun. Believe that the child is in the game with her mother, the child's eloquence will be well improved and improved.