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How to let the child play science from the game


If you are a game lover, you must have played the creative "in the world of painting", this highly praised puzzle game, through the riddle of overlapping images, to meet the gamer's adventurous psychology and exercise the space thinking ability; even if you are a game blind, you can play the simplest "cut rope" in the history, although you can play the most simple "cut rope" in history. But it only needs to slide through the screen with a finger and do a simple rope cut, but where the stupid frog in the game is missing, but in the test of your knowledge of mechanics; as for the popular Monument Valley, the Mobius ring and the impossible cube are fun...

In the eyes of many teachers and parents, games are scary. After all, children are addicted to games and neglect their studies. However, in the eyes of many scholars, games are the best carrier of popular science. Good games are not only science but also self indulgence. At the time of children's day, professionals teach parents how to identify whether games have anti - addiction and how to "play" from games.
The standard of good games: rigorous, scientific, and less social functions.
"Games are not" scourge. "Human beings are born with the need for games. Parents do not need to listen to games to be afraid. Hu Jianmin, stationmaster of Shanghai Yangpu District little branch station, said that games were an important topic in the field of education. It played an important role in the social interaction, moral sentiment and wisdom of children. "Good games have rigorous scientific research on the one hand, and on the other hand, there is a unique magic weapon, which is that interactivity can make knowledge deeper in mind."
As for good games, the most important criterion, besides the educational role, is that the less sociality, the better, because many games are obsessed with the integration of social functions.

The Shanghai Museum of natural history is the most popular science game in Shanghai. These games are integrated into the scientific knowledge of the exhibits so that children can understand them when they play. "Compared with traditional images and texts, students are more interested in acquiring popular science knowledge in games." Gu Jieyan, director of the Shanghai Natural Museum exhibition service office, introduced more than 100 small screen terminals at the Shanghai Natural Museum, and children can get professional science through games. For example, in insect exhibition area, a small game of inducing insect light is often attracting children to stop. "Children can adjust the brightness of light only by turning the button, and insects will react with it, so that children can observe the insect's light and light avoidance in real time."

Gu Jieyan said that the immersion experience of popular science games is not limited by time and space, not only to allow children to learn more deeply in the experience, but also to improve their children's efficiency in acquiring knowledge.
The essence of the development of popular science games can not be separated from the two characters of popular science
For many people, science represents boring, and games represent fun. For popular science games, designers have long faced a problem - too much science content, the audience does not accept it; it is not scientific enough to focus on interest and fun.
"Although the background and content of game design are different, the essence of popular science game development is inseparable from the two words of popular science." Gu Jieyan believes that an excellent science game should be a game involving users who can acquire scientific knowledge, scientific ideas, scientific methods and scientific spirit. On the one hand, it aims at popular science, and its content is scientific, intellectual and educational. On the other hand, it is a form of game, with a strong entertainment and fun, attractive to the users, in the process of entertainment to exert the function of popular science.
"In the 'learning laboratory' in the American rocket academy, students learn and practice the basic skills of various disciplines by playing games, and allow students to choose different progress according to their personal conditions." He Wei, an associate professor of digital media at the Beijing Normal University, argues that an excellent science game should be an experience. "If it is carefully designed, it may have excellent feedback mechanism and incentive mechanism, which allows the experienced people to make mistakes and be constantly improved."
The industry of popular science games in China is still in its infancy
As popular science games are recognized as being able to promote popular science knowledge through the way of education, the Chinese science and Technology Association (China Science Association) started in 2015 and continued to carry out the project of popularization of science and technology in 2016. But in general, the science game industry in China is still in its infancy.
"Science game allows players to integrate into the real scene. The added value is very good, and science and technology are needed for both life and work." As a senior player, Wu Shenghao, general manager and creative director of the visualization technology company of Shanghai Han chart, who has ploughed for many years in the field of science and technology, pointed out that "popular science games should make the audience welcome, not only to have good selection of topics and project support, but also to promote and promote the promotion and promotion, but it is a pity that the chain of production, study and research is used at present. The bar has not been opened yet. " However, Wu Shenghao is still optimistic about the whole industry. "The industrialization of popular science games, involving the whole future industry environment, our country is paying attention to it, and the field related to popular science games may become the next blue sea."