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People who understand this game make money: The 3 points of financial wisdom embodied in Monopoly


Today, I’ll chat with everyone about the financial wisdom I understand from a game. The name of this game is called "Monopoly" series. In fact, "Monopoly" this game is presumably many 80, 90 will not be too strange, this game developed by the Taiwan game company Daewoo Information Board Games with a unique game player interaction, successfully set off in domestic players A wave of "Monopoly" boom. It is also one of the most favorite games of Xiaoyi's childhood. Although it is nowadays time-consuming, it always reminds me of memories.

"Monopoly" really is not just a game, it also implies that many wealth wisdom is worth analyzing:
The English name of Monopoly is Monopoly, which means "monopoly." In the game who can finally buy all the land to monopolize the land market, he is the final winner. People who have played rich millionaires know that buying land is the main source of money in the game. If you want to realize the growth of wealth, you must purchase land in large quantities, cover the tallest building, and collect the most expensive rent. However, there are still many skills among them. Let's take a look at the three financial wisdoms of “Monopoly” in defeating the enemy:
Seize the first-mover advantage
Because "Monopoly" is a turn-based game, from the beginning of the game, there will be people who walk after someone first, and then the people who have left are already at a disadvantage from the beginning of the game. The reason is very simple, because the sieve is from 1 to 6, the person who walks first to a piece of land and buys it, the person who walks later has a 1/6 probability to go to the piece of land that the person had bought, and you He had to pay him rent, and he also lost the opportunity to buy land. Once in and out, the wealth gap between you is quickly opened.

The Matthew effect in economics means that there are stronger and stronger people in the human society, weaker and weaker ones, richer and richer ones, and poorer and poorer ones. A very important reason for the Matthew effect is that the first-mover advantage is different. As the saying goes, nothing can be lost. A poor second generation and a rich second generation naturally differ in the starting point of their lives. The resources they can enjoy are not the same. Therefore, probabilistically speaking, the rich children’s children will continue to be richer than the poor children. The probability of a counterattack to the rich is much greater.
If we extend this issue to the perspective of financial management, the earlier you begin to manage your finances, the more obvious your first-mover advantage will be compared to your peers.
Go against the water

In the game, we race against other players. In real life, we race against inflation. Inflation is an objective phenomenon that does not shift with your subjective will. It erodes every moment your wealth. Therefore, financial management is a compulsory course for us. Excluding money only in banks is a matter of running out of inflation.
Focus on strengthening the focus
One of the most important rules in the Monopoly game is that the more land you buy, the higher the rent. There is also a provision that the higher the level of house building, the greater the increase in rent.
Therefore, the secret to winning the “Monopoly” is not simply to get as much land as possible, but to take the land together under the same conditions, do not take a single piece of land; when building a building, give priority to one. The building is covered to the highest level, and it is not necessary to put each building up very evenly.

In the same way, financial management emphasizes the allocation of science, has a clear understanding of the platforms and projects that it chooses, and focuses on the process of investment and perseverance.
Life is like a game, games are like life. Through "Monopoly", Xiao Yi hopes that you will learn not only financial wisdom but also life wisdom.