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Which games should start with the start of a tabletop game?

They contain all the outstanding features of the new board game: 1, the rules are simple and easy to use; 2, the art painting style is pleasing. 3, classic and high visibility. These three board games are a must-have for every board game.

1. "Catan Island" (CATAN)
"Katan Island" was born in 1995. In the first year of publication, it won the German game of the year and the first place in Germany. Not only translated into major languages, but also made into a video game version. In the 23 years since its inception, the ranking on the BGG is still standing within the first three hundred. It shows that the game has a huge charm and a wide popularity.

2. "Carcassonne"

"Kaka" has won many awards such as the 2001 German Game Champion in 2001, the 1st place in the German Players' Best Choice Game, and the Best Strategy Game in the International Game Awards. Today, it ranks 19th in the BGG family game.

3. "The City of Richness" (CITADELS)

"Rich City" is a five-star strategy game. It was nominated for the 2000 German Game Champion Jury Prize and the best game strategy for the International Game Awards. Now it ranks in the top three in strategy games. If you think that the "dual card" player interaction is more savage and not too obvious, then "The City of Richness" can definitely satisfy your heart who is eager to hurt each other and tear the mouth.