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Do not want children to play mobile phones, to do this 4 points!

1. It is best not to play in front of children when adults are playing mobile phones, because the children's curiosity is heavy, and you want to play if you want to play.
2. Do not always use a mobile phone or a tablet to solve problems when the baby is crying. This will create a habit. He will always rely on a mobile phone or tablet.
3. Select alternatives

Playing cell phones at night, in addition to affecting the secretion of growth hormone, will also inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which can help people sleep.

4. Limit the time
Generally speaking, one-and-a-half-year-old children do not give play to mobile phones, and radiation is inherently bad for children's health. Children aged 2-5 can only play for one hour at a time and should not exceed.
Beyond doing these four points, you can play toys appropriately for your children. This will not only nurture your children, but also promote parent-child interaction.
Many children like to play with toys because many children are happy when playing with toys. Many children like to play toy blocks, because many children feel that they can use their toy building blocks to build their own small world.