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How to Win at Backgammon


To win backgammon, you need to move all the checkers back to your own main board,  you move the checkers according to the number you roll, so if your opponent rolls sixes, you may lose, regardless of you doing what. A good strategy can increase the odds of winning.

The first strategy: the simplest backgammon strategy  is running game, running your checkers towards your home board as swiftly as possible. But this  method is only suitable for a strong roll open.

The second strategy: if your attacking checker is far from your home, try to land on your opponent's checkers whenever possible to send them to the bar. This sets your opponent back some pips, and if your opponent does not roll the correct number to go back to the board, you can trap some checkers. But if your attacking checker remains vulnerable, you are at risk to lose many pips yourself.

The third strategy: make four points in a row, so that your opponent cannot get past without rolling a five or six,  providing an easy way for your other advancing checkers to find safe points.