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What are the famous table games?


Killers of the Three Kingdoms:It is the most popular and widely known board game in China. The Killers of the Three Kingdoms is a board game focusing on cultural connotation and suitable for all ages. It based on the historical and cultural backgrounds of the three countries to design the versatile military and functional cards. In the "Killers of the Three Kingdoms" game, the player will play a military commander, According to their corresponding identity, players form alliances ,attack and defense, after a round of strategy and action, and his companions together to obtain the final victory .

CarcassonneIt is a German style table game for two to five people. Participants act as monarchs in the Middle Ages and send their cronies to expand their boundaries. The cronies play different roles to occupy or manage the territory. who has the right strategy wins the final victory.

Duel Monsters:Play against with cards that represent monsters, magic, and traps. Either LP (life point, base score, initial 8000) is reduced to zero or the card in one of the decks is exhausted win the game