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10-year-old female programmer, research and development of the world's first AI board game, refused Google Offer, is now a CEO


Recently, an AI board game called CoderMindz appeared in Silicon Valley to help small and large friends (4-104 years old) learn basic AI concepts, including models, reasoning, and adaptive learning.

Behind the game is a company called CoderBunnyz. The most special thing about this company is that the boss is very, very young.

The company's CEO is called Samaira Mehta, a 10-year-old girl. Last year, Samila completed the development of the game with the help of 6-year-old brother Aadit.

At a seminar in Silicon Valley, Google’s chief cultural officer, Stacy Sullivan, saw the game and sent an offer to the children of Samera: When you graduate from college, you can come to work at Google.

However, the children of Samera do not seem to appreciate: I don't know if I will go to work in Google because I prefer to be the boss.