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Crystal mud, fingertip gyro, toothpick crossbow... These toys are dangerous, and parents must pay attention to it


Because of the bright color, soft touch, and can be pinched into various shapes, a toy called crystal mud has been sought after by many school students in the near future, and has become a new "net red" toy. But as far as I know, there is a hidden crisis behind it - because the borax is poisonous in the crystal mud, and the child's long-term contact will not only harm the health of the body, but once it is eaten, it may even kill it.

For this dangerous toy list, parents have to look at it

1. Mini weapon model

In many small shops, there are all kinds of weapons that mimic the age of cold weapons. The shapes are vivid, the color is bright, the size is small and the price is low. God is very popular with the children. Many children also buy them to carry them with them. But these toys have very serious security risks, and children may face the risk of being stabbed when they are naughty or unstable.

2. toothpick crossbows

How terrible is this toothpicks crossbow that looks small and exquisite? Some people have done experiments specially. If the toothpicks are fired, he can easily shoot through cardboard and tie up balloons.

3. electric toys

These toys are concealed by ordinary shapes, but in fact they are electrified bodies, which can instantly reach 600 volts. Usually toys are disguised as city imitation, chewing gum, pens and so on. It's very dangerous.

4. baby / sea baby

The water baby / sea baby's play is to soak in water and slowly grow up. It is found that the diameter of the newly bought sea baby is about 3 millimeters in diameter and 0.02 grams in weight, but if it is put into the water for 5 hours, the diameter will become 16 millimeters and the weight is 2 grams. If the child is missing, the consequences will be unthinkable.

5. laser pen

The red light emitted by laser pen is an infrared ray. Once irradiated into the eyes, it will cause irreversible damage to children's delicate eye tissue.

6. toy grenades

Such toys contain white solid powder and chemicals, which can cause acute poisoning and chronic organ damage if inhaled by a certain amount of human body. At the same time, the explosion of a grenade may spatter children's eyes and cause visual impairment.

7. living toys

This kind of toy is mainly represented by a living bee, which is installed in a box in the form of a pupa. When placed in a warm environment, the pupa is transformed into a seal. Such toys may cause children to be stung on the one hand. On the other hand, unknown living animals may carry a lot of germs, and there are great security risks.

8. fingertip gyro

The finger tip gyro has the risk of cutting the child because of its sharp edge. At the same time, the small parts of the gyroscope are easily lost, and many gyroscopes have the condition that the plasticizer exceeds the standard, and it is harmful to the health of the children.

9. borax crystal mud

Borax is a toxic chemical, with high toxicity. After children's hands play with the crystal mud of borax, it is very easy to cause chemical burns, allergies, nosebleeds and sore throat in children. Once they are eaten, it may even cause serious consequences of death.