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It's a mistake for many mothers to choose toys for children.

Now whose children's toys are not piled up? Even before many babies are born, their mothers have built blocks, dolls, early education machines, all kinds of acoustic and electronic toys.
Some parents believe that toys can promote children's intelligence, of course, more good, and less toys when they are young, and now there are conditions to compensate for more children.
However, there are some different voices that think too much toys will distract children's attention, or rational view.
Playing is human nature
Mark Bekov, an American evolutionary biologist, thinks, "playing is like a kaleidoscope, with randomness and creativity. Play can enhance children's flexibility and creativity, and they will have more competitive advantages when they encounter unexpected situations or are in a new environment.
Play is the first step for children to reach out to the world, and also an important step for them to realize themselves.
Whether it is playing with Lego or Transformers, the children, with the help of toys, begin to happily touch the world and create their own paradise.
Too much toys affect the concentration of children
Mothers are buying and buying without restraint, and they are all in front of their children. You think this is love for him, but you don't know that your behavior is destroying your child's concentration.
First of all, we need to be clear that the developmental level and age of each child's brain are different, and the level of concentration is different.
Under 2 years of age, more time is unconsciously focused, that is, children can hardly control their own attention.
3 years old, the concentration of only 5 minutes.
At the age of 4, the concentration will rise to 8 minutes.
5 years old, the focus is only 10 minutes.
About 7 years of age, school-age children can reach their mark in 20 minutes.
So too many toys give children too many choices to play for a while, and touch that one, which destroys the child's concentration. If toys are few, children will try to use their brains to play hundreds of tricks, and they will know how to cherish them.
If the mothers of the "chopped hands party" can't help buying a pile of children, it doesn't matter. Every time they take out one or two samples to their children.
Children learn to socialize by playing with toys
Nowadays most families are single children, usually playing by themselves. So in the face of so many toys, the first reaction is "these toys are mine".
In fact, playing with toys is a good way to let children know how to cooperate and share, but adults need to be guided by them. For example, when playing with building blocks, adults can give them a small task and cooperate with them to complete the task. They will think of how to accomplish this task, thus promoting communication, sharing, and understanding cooperation.
In fact, when children play with toys, they often encounter: what is more suitable here? How big is that thing? Is this color the same as that one? How can we keep this thing off?
In an exciting environment, children's thinking ability will gradually develop to a higher level, and their language communication will be more rich, and the ability of social communication will be gradually improved.
When they finish their work, they will exchange with each other to share how I accomplished them, so that their children's social interaction ability will be greatly improved.
Choosing toys, parents have the right to speak, and children have the right to decide.
Sometimes you buy toys for your kids, but he doesn't like them!
Most of the time, parents just judge their children's feelings by their own feelings, which is easy to cause a toy "parents like, children are not interested" phenomenon. It is important to assess children's expectations and let children participate.
You can pick it together. From the toy type, the toy theme, the color style, the child sees the picture, the video, or has played the similar in the kindergarten, the amusement park, which type which type most likes, and then considers the order again.
At the same time, we should appropriately increase children's expectations for toys. If you order toys online, you have to tell your child to send uncle express a few days, then let him dismantle the packaging and so on.