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Interviewed ten board games, the boss, I finally learned how to explain the board game

Some people are very serious about listening. When they hit, they found that he didn’t understand it at all and needed to teach again. This is not an individual issue, but a universal problem. This makes it very difficult to pull the new table.

After all, the instructions for a board game have thousands of words, even tens of thousands of words. It takes a long time for the old players to study, trying to explain to another person or even a group of people in a few minutes, the difficulty is definitely great.

Since there are difficulties, there must be skill in correspondence. After interviewing the n tabletop shop owners, I summed up the following tips for everyone to use.

First, the first rule

 In order to prevent someone from leaving or explaining in the middle of the explanation, you can make a rule before you explain it: "Before you finish, unless you have a phone call, no one will touch the phone."

Second, bragging games
At the beginning of the explanation, you can brag about the game in one sentence, so that the player is interested. For example:

1. This is the most fun mouth game I have ever played.

2. This game is the 2017 sales champion.

3. "XXX" has won many board game design awards.

4. This board game is the treasure of our store.

5. This board game is a must for newcomers.

Just a word, don't be long. After all, the focus of the explanation is the rules of the game.

The focus of this section is to provoke the player's interest, and if the attention of everyone is attracted, the game's explanation will be half successful.

Of course, for different players, the way to attract players is different. For beginners, you can showcase the game's beautiful illustrations and gorgeous model accessories, and send models and accessories to them. Players are more likely to be interested in the process of playing.

 For hardcore gamers, just give him the instructions directly. If they want to see the model, they will do it.

Third, introduce the rules of the game
Everyone explains the common routine of board games is the same: from the game flow and settlement mechanism.

In the observation, the more efficient explanation of the routine is: first explain the game background, then say the winning way, and then say the game process.

Take the explanation of "Three Kingdoms Kill" as an example: "We play the military command of the Three Kingdoms period in the game (to explain the game background). If you are an anti-thief, you can win the game victory by killing the Lord (how to win). At the beginning of the game, you There is an identity card, a military card (to explain the game process)."

It should be noted that when explaining the winning conditions or other special scenes, some cards and props can be placed on the table, and the player will understand it more easily.

If there are some complicated judgments, try not to talk about it as much as possible. The longer the explanation time, the more complicated the explanation, the easier it is for the player to lose patience. If you must mention that after the player is completely seated and has a good hand, it is not too late to explain.

Four, a few do not
The more times any skill is done, the more skilled it is. But in addition to the board game boss, very few people explain the board game every day. So most people make small mistakes when they explain the board game, which is easy for the player to be impatient. Here are a few points to summarize and share with everyone:

1. Don't ask the player if you have played a similar board game before explaining the rules, because even if someone hasn't played it, you need to explain it completely. If you have played it, you don't need to explain it. The player directly reads the manual. Enough.

2, do not "read" the manual, the instructions for the logic of rigor, most of the statements are very mouthful, you need to speak the rules of colloquial, players will be more acceptable.

3, do not lengthy, the simpler the better, the interpreter is to bring players into the board game, the focus is to let players play board games, rather than listening to board games.

4. Don't waste time on the details when explaining. The main job of the instructor is to clear the rules of the main game. It is better to give the player the fun of finding details.

5. Don't spend a lot of time answering player questions before the explanation is completed. Although the player will ask questions during the explanation process, an appropriate answer is required. If it is about the theme of the game, then answer as much as possible. If it is part of the details, it will be more appropriate to leave the question after the explanation.

6. Don't continue to explain when the player is seated and begins to read the cards. When the player is seated, it takes some time to digest what he just heard and read the hand. It is not appropriate to explain the content at this time.

to conclude: 

1, the explanation must be concise, one place said that the time is long, someone will find a mobile phone to play.

 2, can not do noisy, directly use the model and cards to put out.

 3, fully trust the player's self-learning ability. I wish everyone can smoothly pull the newcomers into the pit.