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A different kind of materialized experience - from video games to board games

Of course, "Horizon: Dawn" is not a case of a single game, and has been adapted into a tabletop game. Before that, many well-known game works have entered the ranks of tabletop games. Because compared with online games, the single-player game masterpiece that pays more attention to personal experience will undoubtedly enable fans to play games in a way that emphasizes more interaction under the unique background and world view of ontology games. Another experience.

Do not change the true character of the abuser: "The Soul of Darkness"

Steamforged Games, the maker of the "Horizon: Dawn" board game, has a wealth of experience in developing tabletop games. In 2017, it adapted the stand-alone game masterpiece "Dark Soul" into a board game product.

For the "Dark Soul" players should not be unfamiliar, the "Dark Soul" series game, dubbed "shake the soul of M", is the absolute hardcore ARPG work in the industry, so the "Dark Soul" board game The slogan of the most difficult table game was also played before the sale. However, in fact, this board game has been a good restore of the main characters, monsters, BOSS models in the game, but also save settings such as the bonfire system, but the difficulty is not as exaggerated as the propaganda.

The main gameplay of the game is divided into two parts: exploration and combat. There are still some similarities to the ontology game. The exploration part is basically a roguelike type of gameplay. The situation encountered in each step is random, getting equipment, props, encountering enemies and other random events. The combat part needs to look at the player's previous reserves, the calculation of enemy damage and the understanding of the BOSS mechanism, and of course some luck. In general, the higher difficulty does exist, especially the difficulty of the BOSS battle and the previous period is large, but the familiar game is still very easy to play (after all, no operation). The game currently supports 1-4 people, players can explore alone, or with like-minded friends to work together, because the game elements are rich, so the replay is quite good.