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Tahiria's Fantasy Story

Although I already have the first edition, as a loyal tower fan, after supporting many trade-offs, I still support a set, and the right is to recharge the faith.

In the nearly two months after the jump ticket, the new version of the 诡法棋 finally shipped, just happened to catch up with the National Day holiday and could not receive the goods. When the heart itch was unbearable, I decided to move the old version of the 诡法棋 at the bottom of the box for a long time. The new version is warming up.
[Tahria] The full name "Tahiria Story Collection" is a collection of magical novels created by the domestic author Wu Hao. Since 2007, a total of 9 volumes have been published. Each story in the book seems to be independent and connected, and the intricate characters and plots build a grand Tahiria worldview spanning thousands of years. Combining the author's unique silhouette style and four-character narrative style, the reader brings a novel reading experience that is neither novel nor comic. His masterpieces include "Seeking" and "Destiny".

[诡法棋] is a game of confrontation between the wizards created by the author Wu Hao in the Tahiria worldview, which has appeared in the story many times. After that, the author revised the rules and attached the PNP (print and play, free-to-play) version to the second volume of the physical book, and there are various folk versions such as DIY, web, and flash. In 2013, the "Tahiria-诡法棋" project, which was co-operated with the pipe studio, was launched on the Jingdong crowdfunding team, and eventually raised about 40W yuan. It was a very successful project in crowdfunding. After a lapse of three years, the revised version of the new version of 诡法棋 finally raised about 32W in June 2018.

In fact, the idea of legalization of 诡法棋 has been raised as early as 2008. After a less successful attempt, it has been squandered for a long time and was not restarted until the end of 2013.

That year, it was just a newcomer who just entered the pit. I regret to miss the first time to support crowdfunding. Now this set is collected from the fans, and together with the super rich unlocking items, but some of them have been lost for a long time and cannot be shared by everyone. It is really regrettable.


At that time, there were not so many big-box games on the market. It would be really shocking to get the real thing. This thing is too big and too heavy! It's no wonder that the seller will cut love and can't find a place to put it all at once.

Contrast the full picture of how good the crowdfunding project was.