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"Let the lights go forward" - chat about the prospects of Chinese table games

However, it is still far from answering this question. The cornerstone of Chinese tabletop games has not yet been firmly established. The prospect of talking about Chinese board games without the cornerstone of the cornerstone is a cruel torture. But as a board game practitioner, this kind of torture exists all the time, so come on, please torture it.

When interrogating the prospects of the Chinese tabletop industry, you must interrogate these two questions:

First, do we have excellent designers or groups?
Yes, but too little.

Some board game players will feel that there are no excellent board game designers in China. When it comes to domestic board games, some players react only: "Three Kingdoms Kill"?

At this time, you must mention a board game called "Deception: Murder in Hong Kong."

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
This board game ranks 167 on BBG and ranks 7th among party board games, ranked in "Dixit / Words Only", "One Night Ultimate Werewolf / One Night Werewolf", "Love Letter / Love Letter" prior to.

Crime Scene CSI
The reason for using Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is that this work is actually a domestic board game. Its domestic original name is "Criminal Scene CSI" - designed by domestic designers, domestic board games. The company publishes and promotes. Because of the inherent "promotional" nature of board games, this game is only popular among a small number of people. Until the beginning of 2015, this board game was commissioned by a Hong Kong company. In the same year, the work was put on the KickStarter platform abroad, and on July 21, 2015, it successfully raised $65,777. This is the first board game in China to raise funds on the KickStarter platform.

After this success story, many designers from all over China also successfully released their own works on the KickStarter crowdfunding website, and raised funds successfully. But so far, KickStarter's highest ranking on BGG is still "Deception: Murder in Hong Kong."

Among the players who support these works on KickStarter, there are quite a few core players from all over the world. Their recognition and support for the works reflects the merits of these works to some extent. However, the KickStarter platform is a platform for foreigners. It is unrealistic to rely on the rise of domestic board games on KickStarter. Then we must ask:

Second, do we have an environment that nourishes excellent works?
From now on, the domestic environment is not a good soil for domestic board games to grow well. The Chinese board game community is not good enough, and there is no way to do better in the short term.

First of all, most young people in China have some money in their pockets for their entertainment, even those who are still studying and not working.

But most people spend their money on video games. The option of board games doesn't know how many to order.

The current status of the target users of board games in China
This point cannot be found by authoritative official figures, but the booming video game and animation industry should be able to demonstrate this conclusion.

And a box of table games can satisfy several players at the same time. Most of the video games can only let one player play the game. If everyone wants to play, everyone must buy one. In terms of cost and revenue, board games have no advantage over video games.

Throughout the past, those good-thickness board games, between the publishing base and the expansion, are often separated by a considerable amount of time. Because even if the word of mouth is good, it is impossible to sell the goods in a short time, and the return of funds is quite slow. In contrast, there is no such problem in mobile games.

In the face of the problem of capital reflow, some domestic board game companies try to transform into mobile games, relying on capital to continue to expand, but these are the choices that companies with solid foundations can make. Groups that don’t know enough about their abilities often post a game and disappear into the public.

Because most domestic board game players enter the pit and soon, they can select excellent works through rational thinking, and the number of players who support them is not much. In contrast, movie viewers can use the Douban, Zhihu, Cat Eye and other websites to check the evaluation of a certain movie by different levels of people for reference. Domestic board game players lack an authoritative platform as a reference for board games (because of language restrictions, domestic players) There aren't many people who know what BoardGameGeek is.)

Most domestic players know the quality of a board game, often only through the recommendation between friends or post it. However, the information of these channels often has different degrees of subjectivity.

On the other hand, in the design of table games, most of the Chinese designer groups are crossing the river by feeling the stones. It is really difficult to publish a board game, and the amount of money earned is not much. I believe most of the domestic production. The board game designers and the groups behind them all like to put their own time, effort and money into the publishing of board games. They are all worthy of respect.

The group that publishes board games, and the players who buy board games, should have a relationship with each other. Good groups make good works to entertain players, and rational players support groups to launch better. New product.

But now, from the design team to the board game players, the Chinese board game community is not good enough, and there is no way to do better in the short term.

The worse situation is that no matter whether it is a board game, anime or video games, anything has started to ignite, and a large number of works have begun to follow suit. The victims want to defend their rights. It turns out that the cost of rights protection is high, the time is long, and the efficiency is high. low.

The prospects of China's tabletop game industry are full of thorns and obstacles, but it does not mean that we have to stop and give up and admit defeat. What we need is to think hard, plan carefully, and make progress after making a decision, no longer hesitate.