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Fast food war without smoke


However, at home, because of its English name Food Chain Magnate (referred to as FCM), everyone seems to prefer to call it "fat intestines".

Speaking of the game "Fast Food Chain Tycoon", you must start with the studio that designed it. If you are a veteran German-style board game enthusiast, you will not be unfamiliar with this studio. He is the Spot Studio. This is a game studio dedicated to designing German-style table games. Although they are few people and always have single-digit members, the scarcity of people does not affect them. They have introduced many excellent virtues in more than a decade. Works. The "fast food chain tycoon" introduced in this article is the leader among them. At present, the ranking of BGG is 26, which shows that this game is not only excellent in quality, but also recognized by a large number of players.

Due to the small number of studio members and limited energy, the reprinting of many games has become very close, and can even be regarded as a limited edition. It is precisely because of this that the English version even appeared at a high price of 1,000 yuan at the time of auction. Many German lovers can't get it, and they hope to wear autumn water. In addition, another problem caused by too few designers is art, and the game art they designed is very simple (FCM's art is even good), the game is very simple (a big empty box), the most The terrible thing is that it is still difficult to put the box on it smoothly... The author took the Chinese version of the museum, which was produced in the same factory as the English version, so these questions are consistent with the English version... In this respect, the author thinks that it is still possible to have a bit of Chinese characteristics. There is nothing wrong with improving it.)

Going back to the fast-food chain tycoon itself, this is a very hard-core German-style game with a game weight of 4.22. However, the game rules are not too complicated. The game's severity is mainly reflected in the huge employee upgrade tree and milestone system. The employee tree is the core system of the game. The fast food chain tycoon has built a whole company through cards, and the employee tree is the type of staff that you can recruit and train throughout the game. These employees have a variety of types. The role, the difficulty of training is also different, a game to fully understand is not easy, different companies constitute a very different tactics, which also gives the game a strong playability, fun.