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DOTA has a new tour? Player: Don't die in a year

Although it is G fat personal platform propaganda, but DOTA diehards are very worried: this game can die in a year.

This new tour was released, and G Fat personally promoted the "Artifact" platform. In order to ensure the quality of research and development, G Fat personally has a team of 200 people. Not only that, but G Fat also invited Richard, the father of Magic, to be the chief designer of the game.

It can be said that the game is not fun, the player does not have to worry. So when discussing the game potential of Artifact, you only need to look at the game market and the game players' acceptance of Artifact.

When discussing the development of Artifact, it is absolutely impossible to break through the Hearthstone. After comparing these two games, we can basically see the future of Artifact: