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Why are there so few people playing board games in China?

First, time precipitation:

The board games that have been introduced to China and have a high penetration rate have a history of hundreds of years. For example, the Qing Dynasty was introduced to China in the 1840 or so, and it has been almost two hundred years since. In contrast, the time when modern European and American board games were introduced to China was too short and it took time to settle. On the BGG, in the Top100 list of tabletop games in April this year, there are only 5 table games produced before 2000, and most of the board games are produced and after 2010, the time is seriously insufficient.

Second, cultural factors:

Compared with poker, military flags, and arena chess games, modern European and American board games have a very strong European and American cultural background. Players who have not received European and American cultures have a certain difficulty in getting to Europe and the United States. It is like letting an adult foreigner who only knows Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan play "Three Kingdoms Kill", he must not have a Chinese junior high school student to get started.

Third, entry costs:

Modern board games are very complicated in order to ensure playability. In the absence of guidance, novices basically need to do a high school reading comprehension before the game. Some games are even: play a 10-minute game and watch an hour rule. Modern board games may not really be friendly to novice players. The price of modern board games is also relatively high