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Continue to dominate the hot search list, the first place, Meng Meng ROOT you played?

At that time, a total of 8454 players participated in a total of 631,770 US dollars, which is a very good result.

Nowadays, many players have already got the game, plus the hot sale of the previous Gencon site in the United States. At present, Root has become the first BGG hot search list for one week.

Here's a quick look at the charm of this game by opening the box.

Game Mechanism & Background
Root's game mechanics are highly variable player abilities, that is, each player plays a completely different role, performs completely different actions, has a completely different way of winning, and so on.

The background of the game takes place in a forest kingdom, where each player plays one of four tribes, demonstrating his talents and who is the supreme ruler of the forest.