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The barbarian invasion came to the Roman kingdom as a plague.

Historically, the five invaders, including Anglo-Saxons, Goths, Huns, and Franks, were regarded by Rome as barbarians. They marched from all directions to Rome in an attempt to invade Rome. In dealing with the history of barbarians, the Roman Empire has been able to develop for a long time through continuous absorption and eradication.

This time, designer Matt Leacock and Paolo Mori teamed up to "spread" the plague to ancient Rome. In The Plague Crisis: The Fall of Rome, the player plays the elite of the ancient Roman society, sending troops to resist the invasion of the foreign tribes, and at the same time, part of the invasion of the grass to squat.

The economic crisis, the aristocratic extravagance, and political corruption have eroded the precarious Roman Empire. However, internal worries have not stopped, and external troubles have come first. The mighty Germanic tribe and bloodthirsty Huns opened their mouths to the weak Roman army.

In The Plague Crisis: The Fall of Rome, these brutal invaders traversed the towns and villages around the clock, and if left unchecked, they could rush to the front of the Roman Empire.

"Plague Crisis: The Fall of Rome" continues the tradition of the plague crisis series, from disease control to defending the great civilization of history. In this game of controlling crisis cooperation, the enemy of the player is no longer an infectious virus, but a horse-riding invader barbarian. . In the game, the barbarian uses small squares to move on the map like the plague virus. The Roman legion uses a special Mibao to refer to it. In the battle, special scorpions are used to settle the results.

There are few wars in the world that are not bloody. As a Roman army, it is not easy to calm the barbaric invasion. It is inevitable that a bloody battle will occur. You will converge the Roman legion, cross the empire, and fight with the enemy with a special scorpion.

Long battles are bound to lose both sides. For the weak Roman Empire, seeking for alliance coexistence may be a better diplomatic response. Collecting the same family cards, forming alliances with them, inciting them, so that the rest of the barbarians have a few more chances.

The Plague Crisis: The Fall of Rome also adds a single player mode and a challenge mode for players to choose from. In the single-player game, you play the Emperor of Rome and command three characters to defend against the foreigners; in the challenge mode, you can join more rebel cards to experience the challenge of "Roman of the World".

The citizens, soldiers and allies of the Roman Empire united in the life of the Roman Empire! Rectify the army, defend the urban and rural areas, establish alliances, and resist the ruthless barbarian invasion. Can you successfully fight against the invading tribe and prevent the destruction of the Roman Empire in The Plague Crisis: The Fall of Rome?