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Years are the moving myths


Nordic mythology and board games always have inextricably linked, the Vikings, the father of the gods, Odin, the destruction of the gods, and those innocent souls tell us the old and moving stories in the board game. Compared with Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology, Nordic mythology is more tragic.

Talking about Nordic
The Nordic mythology was first spread in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. In Northern Europe, the summer is very short. In the short summer, the frozen mountain is beginning to thaw and the flowers are everywhere. But then it was the long winter, the frozen sea, the magnificent glaciers, so the Nordic people thought that the world was made up of ice fire.
In Norse mythology, it can be divided into five systems: giants, protoss, elves, gnomes, and mortals. The giant is the earliest life until the emergence of the gods, and they are the greatest enemy of the gods. The gods are divided into two tribes, the Asa Protoss headed by Odin and the Warner Protoss headed by Niort. The elves are divided into bright elves and dark elves. Their main leader is Frey. The gnome is a dwarf humanoid that lives in caves and underground and likes to forge.
In the Nordic mythology, with the end of creation, the Tree of the World divides the whole world into three layers and nine parts. The upper level is the Asgard inhabited by the Asa Protoss, the Warnerheim inhabited by the Warner Protoss, and the Arfheim inhabited by the elves. The middle floor is dominated by the atrium of the sea, Midgarth, and the bottom is full of the world of death, including the hell that is controlled by the god of death, Hell, the underworld of Hem, and the foggy country of Hem. Delheim, and the country of fire, Mosbelheim, controlled by the flame giant Sultel.

Viking era

When it comes to Nordic mythology, I have to mention Vikings. In the middle of the ninth century, maritime trade rose. The Vikings in Northern Europe joined the looting of the sea and robbed property on the long coastline of Western Europe. The forces once controlled most of them. The Baltic coast, the Russian hinterland, France's Normandy, the United Kingdom and other regions. This period of time was called "Viking Age" by Europe.
Almost all ethnic groups pray with myths, but the Vikings left the tragic spirit of transcending the times in every corner of the myth. They believed in Norse mythology, believed in the meaning of fighting, and they believed that their dead soul could reach the Hall of the Spirit. It will be the glory of supreme. After the thirteenth century, the Vikings declined, and the myths gradually disappeared, and they were only preserved among the poets.
The cover of "Blood Fury" is the Vikings who run under the dusk of the gods. The "Tree of the World" and "The Land of Sorrow" on the map are the familiar mystical world of Nordic. The snow in Asgard, the beautiful songs sung by the poets, the remorse in the Palace of the Fog, the good and the evil are gone.