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Brussels Tourism Bureau Cross-Border Cooperation Chinese Board Games Conference Open the comics theme promotion tour

2018 is the first year that the Brussels Tourism Board has officially launched its marketing activities in the Chinese market. As the capital and largest city of Belgium, Brussels is the seat of the main administrative body of the European Union. It is the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and is known as the “heart of Europe”. At the same time, it is also a famous tourist city that combines culture, art and food. Visitors can experience art, food, design, history, modernity, luxury and modern urban lifestyle in this cosmopolitan city.
Known as the "Cartoon Capital of the World", Brussels has produced cartoons such as Tintin, Smurfs, Luke Cowboys, etc., and gradually influenced the world, forming a distinctive comic genre. As the animation industry and table games become more and more popular in China, DICE CON, the largest desktop game show in the country, has also received wide attention from various industries. Cross-border cooperation is continuous. The Brussels Tourism Bureau also took this opportunity to join the 4th DICE CON Chinese Board Games Conference as an exhibitor, setting up an experience zone booth to create an unforgettable entertainment promotion experience for the players. As one of the exhibitors of DICE CON, the head of the Brussels Tourism Bureau said that the theme of comics has always been a cultural card for the city of Brussels and one of the important cultural cut points for the promotion of Brussels in China. I hope that through a new interactive experience, I will lead you to understand the rich and diverse cultural atmosphere of Brussels and gain a new artistic insight into the city during your trip.

It is reported that Brussels received a total of 3.6 million tourists in 2017, and visitors from China increased by 23% compared with the previous year. With the opening of a new chapter in overseas marketing in 2018, the Brussels Tourism Board will participate in a variety of distinctive and growing markets to continue to showcase its charm to Chinese tourists and attract more Chinese tourists. Visit.