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DICE CON 2018: Board games, more fun than you think

Nearly 70 tabletop game exhibitors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas regions gathered in Beijing. Although this three-day exhibition is a carnival for small group “board game enthusiasts”, the more diversified live content and activities make more interest in board games and even never touched table games. Players have also joined in, providing fresh blood and contributing power to the development of this industry.
The eternal Chinese table game tour, better understand your heart

Golden Dice, the winner of the Chinese board game that was born with the conference, has also undergone new changes this year. Through a more professional game screening mechanism, it has brought a list of more influential finalists, and the organizers have also invited internationally. The influential game designers and board game podcast stars served as judges, making the final awards more convincing. This year's list of winners saw many familiar figures: "The plague crisis: the second season", "The second edition of the crazy house", "The Gaia Plan", "The Four Seasons"... These games are not a whole year Big hot spots, or else, are topical games that will spark hot spots in the future.

Slim, the publisher of the "Four Seasons" publisher who won the best original intro game award, said: "The game is too abstract and too subjective. The average person does not care about the mechanism, only cares about the things he is interested in. By cleverly planning and packaging the game, more people can pay attention. In the days to come, the big game will continue to engage in more meaningful things and explore all the possibilities of the game."