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They found the new continent of board games!

FFG proudly announced - "Discover: Lands Unknown", a board game about exploration and survival, designed by lead designer Corey Konieczka, and for all players who own it it is "Unique"!

Whether it's a single-player game or a game of up to four people, your goal in this game is clear - to survive. In addition, your adventure contains a lot of your own secrets.

As a “unique” game, each box of “Discover: Lands Unknown” is different from any other box in the world.

The environment, characters, storyline, items, and enemy combinations in each box are unique, which means that the adventures of your friends and friends will be very different.

No matter where you wake up, you need to survive and find out why you are trapped in the wilderness. Whether the form of survival is cooperation or competition depends entirely on you.

Why is Discover: Lands Unknown unique?

"Discover: Lands Unknown" is a new adventure for FFG, and KeyForge has taken the first step as a "unique game."

What is the "unique" game?

Simply put, it's a new type of game, these games can have many forms of presentation, but all have one thing in common - each box is unique. The box you took from your home cabinet must have something different than what your friend just bought from the store. Although in every box game, the mechanism is the same as some conventional components (similar to Mibao), most of the cards, plates, and indicators in the box are randomly combined from a large number of parts library. When you open the game, you are never sure what will be inside, and it is unique in the world.

In other words, the "unique game" series is not like a heritage game (beginning with the same accessories and becoming "unique" during the game). Open the box and you will find that the combination of accessories is "unique"!

Everything you encounter in your adventures is different from your survivors, the enemies you encounter, the tools you control, and even the environment around you. "Discover: Lands Unknown" will bring you a "unique" adventure. Some player squads will find themselves trapped on a desert island, with mysterious creatures wandering around at night... while others may be trapped in the mountains to warm themselves.

In order to maintain this mystery, this article and subsequent previews will not reveal too much component information while delving into the game mechanics. As your survivors embark on a mysterious adventure, you never know what your fate is waiting for.

If you want to know nothing about the game's "unique" and maintain the most authentic freshness, then it is best to stop looking down.

At the beginning of the game, there is only an extended wilderness around you, full of unknown, dangerous, but exciting!

Open your story

Just like the survivors you will be playing, you know that you have to find ways to escape from here, but there is no clue at the moment. In each game, you will open a script in your own series of adventures, get your goals in the mission card, and these short-term goals for your mission cards are critical to your survival. - The longer you live, the more likely you are to find a way home.

Collaborate with other players to get the target done quickly, but when the water is in short supply and the monsters are running at night, will the survivors trust each other?

Each box of games contains multiple scripts, as you never know what accessories are in the box, and you never know what kind of missions will appear on your adventure!

Exploration and survival

If you want to survive in the wild, you and your companions must collect resources, make tools, and look for ways to go home during the day. In a safe area, your turn can spend energy on different actions (walking through the wilderness, Collect resources, store water, fight against enemies, discover new areas, etc.)

Survivors can explore as much as possible during the day, but each action consumes your energy. If you don't have the energy to continue exploring, you will end your turn at your location. So you have to weigh the consequences of the action: exploration is important, but if you are away from a safe campfire, you are in a bad environment at night.

You must explore the wilderness to escape, but there is a hidden crisis in every corner. In the adventure you will find something vital, but also contains dangerous enemies, ready to attack! The wilderness is always full of temptations. This is especially true for survival. Can you find the way home safely and smoothly?

who are you

As the surrounding environment is random, the survivor squad in the game is also random, so you don't know who your heroes are when you open the box. Each survivor brings a little difference to the adventure, perhaps a lumberjack who can easily get more wood, or perhaps a climber who can easily travel through difficult terrain. Choosing different survivors will bring dramatic changes to your escape style.

This is just three survivors that may be included in the game.

Find the way home

Like this box of games "Discover: Lands Unknown", you won't know what will be waiting for you. Lost in a strange world, can you survive and find a way home?

There is no doubt that FFG's two "unique" games are indeed full of innovation and expectation, but there are also concerns about whether such a game form will undermine gameplay and some balance. It seems that it can only be revealed when the game is at hand. ,