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The winning skill of the checkers game

The opening of the checkers

Opening a game in a game of chess plays a very important position, like the start of a sprint, there is almost no chance to lag behind, so in the game of the checkers master, if the start of the mistake, it will be the tide of the other party The offensive game has no power to fight back, and it is unbearable. Of course, like other chess games, the start of checkers has its own fixed moves and corresponding countermeasures. We may wish to use the term "fixed" in Go. Speaking of the opening game of checkers, it is the basic way of walking in the beginning of checkers. According to this method, both sides can quickly dispatch their own strengths, and at the same time, according to the other party’s move, they are restrained and counter-contained. At the beginning of the initial contact, that is, when the finalization is completed, the situation is quite the same and the development of the balance is maintained.

Talking about the middle of checkers

The middle battle of checkers is ever-changing, and the opportunities are fleeting. Therefore, in the mid-war battle of checkers, it is necessary to accurately grasp the opportunities and create opportunities. Although the middle of the checkers is very varied, there is no trace to find, but there are also skills to be grasped: 1. The so-called checkers of checkers, jump is its biggest feature, as long as the conditions are met, you can continue to jump. Therefore, in the middle of the battle, we must take the principle of jumping, we must repair our own "jumping", try to make our own jumps smooth, but also pay attention to, can not let their own trip to give each other the convenience of jumping . This is called attack. 2. It is not only to jump well, but also to prevent the other party's jump. If the other party has a good road, you don't care if he let him jump all the way, then you are not far from losing. This is defense. Ask you to grasp the key to the situation and restrict the other party's jump. Attack and defense is the most crucial part of checkers. Attack and defense are not independent. It is not the only way to win and attack. Only by grasping the dialectical relationship between offense and defense can we fight for nothing.

Talking about the closing of the checkers

The closing is the term used in Go, which refers to the final move of the check. The reason why the term "closing" is used is because the ending of Go is based on the principle of the goal, and the maximum number of orders is obtained by using the official skill; the ending of the check is fast, and the skill is used to enter the opposite direction at the fastest speed. The position is relatively similar. The end of the aroma is the continuation of the offensive and defensive, apparently have no common ground. For checkers, there is a principle for ending: fast, that is, the pursuit of the fewest steps. The finale requires you to understand the function of each position, the arrangement of the force distribution and the rational use. The most important thing is to establish the concept of the number of steps. Regardless of the process, the minimum number of steps is the first.

Checkers rules

At the beginning of the game, there are 10 pieces in each player's camp. They are placed in a positive triangle. Your task is to take all the pieces in the camp area and jump to occupy the camp area directly opposite. First, the players who occupy all the 10 pieces in the opposite camp will win. Players are ranked by the number of battalions.

The movement of the pieces can be carried out step by step in the adjacent six directions with straight lines. If there is any piece on the square in the adjacent position, the position in the straight line is empty, then you can directly "jump" to the space. In the process of "jumping", as long as the same conditions are met, it can be continuously performed. Whoever first occupies all the positions on the opposite side will win.

Each game is randomly generated by the program, and the player moves first, then takes the player as the starting point and turns the chess counterclockwise. When the round is over until the starting player starts to move, it is a round or a round. We don't want to watch the long-term placement of the pieces at home to stop the opponent's occupation. Therefore, each player must have 5, 8, or 10 pieces of the pieces leaving the battalion on the 20th, 25th, and 30th rounds. Otherwise, they will Was negative and failed.