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Board Game Secret Library: How does an American board game madman become the savior of domestic KS players?


In 2015, a American who loves board games set up a board game company. His goal is to bring Chinese players the same gaming experience as players around the world. His name is Jeremy Foust, a fan of desktop games. Oh no, it should be a board game madman.

This board game madman with more than 25 years of age settled in China under the coincidence of marriage, and the opportunity that really made him open a board game company came from a holiday trip to the UK, when he accidentally walked into a The local board game studio, that is the first time Jeremy has been in close contact with the board game, and truly appreciates the charm of it. This journey has also become an opportunity for the change of concept. After returning to China, he Get ready to start your own board game advanced journey.

He used his unique advantages and foreign language foundation to position the first secret of the board game secret library to promote the game games of foreign games to the mainland. Through its special warehousing and transportation channels, many foreign popular games can be obtained simultaneously by domestic players, and the price is relatively inexpensive. Their years of hard work have won a good reputation among players, and they have truly achieved a relatively acceptable price for foreign expensive KS games.
Thanks to Kickstarter's rapid development in recent years and the importance and attention paid to foreign board games, Jeremy's unique cutting-edge angle has attracted a large number of outstanding foreign board game publishers, their demand for the expansion of the mainland market, making board games The original business of the secret bank was smooth and smooth.

So far, the tabletop secret database has reached a partnership with many famous foreign board publishers, and with the increase of new publishing houses, this number is still being added, and recently the work in the domestic reputation. The game "Everdell" is responsible for the domestic distribution service by the board game secret library, in addition to the cooperation with EGG, so that they have a special channel through the mainland Taobao shop can book the latest masterpiece of the complex brother VL "Escape Plan This is undoubtedly a great boon for those who do not have an international credit card.

The tabletop secret database has always attached great importance to the sticky development of users and players. For the special appeals of some players, the board game secret database will carefully record and find opportunities to achieve cooperation. They have established close relationships with publishers such as Stone Maier, Roxley, Eagle Gryphon, North Star, Academy, CMON, etc., and will expand their game repositories in the future by collaborating with more publishers.