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There are many benefits to playing parent-child games. Parents should know three things to note.

1. Parents should guide their children to develop good game habits, follow the rules of the game, and do not lie; toys have a fixed storage place. After the game is finished, let the children pack themselves and return to the original place; arrange reasonable game time, not finish Have nowhere to play, but can't influence eating and sleeping because of playing.

2, do not perfuse the child, if the parents participate in the children's game, do not think that the child is still small, do not understand anything, and casually perfunctory, the parents are immediately involved in the child's game, the child is requested because of young age or role needs or lack of game partners Parents should be involved and guide the children's games in the form of characters and games, so that the game can be carried out smoothly.

3. Parents should cultivate and encourage children's creativity and independence in the game. Don't “seek the child to become a dragon” and “catch up” everywhere, let the children become the masters of the game and give full play to their imagination and creativity. Parents should let their children play games they like and don't force them to play games they don't like. During the game, parents should find problems in time and guide them appropriately.