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The 2018 SDJ tabletop game prize dust settled. The red label belongs to "The Story of Tiles"


After careful consideration, the SDJ jury awarded the Red Label Award (the best game award of the year) to Michael Kiesling's "Azul"; while the new designer Wolfgang Warsch's "Quedlinburg's Rivers and Lakes" won Black Label Award (Best Expert Game of the Year).

"Brick Story" was published by Plan B Games and has been one of the most highly regarded games since the Essen show last year. Exquisite accessories, simple rules for young and old, and endless strategies make this game quickly popular. In the game, the player will play as a craftsman and decorate the most beautiful palace for the Portuguese king with gorgeous mosaic tiles.

The "Might of the Rivers of Quedlinburg" published by Schmidt Spiele has a fantastic and tortuous background story. Players will become a mediocre dealer in a medieval town, competing with each other in order to brew through a combination of materials. A magical medicine that can earn more profit. The special accessories and simple and interesting rules of this work made it warm up after the nomination, and Wolfgang Warsch also became the biggest winner of this year's SDJ with three works.