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After 2009, a new type of game, called sandbox game, usually contains action, adventure, survival, and role-playing.

Folding by game mode
Classify games by gameplay, also known as gameplay by gameplay.

This classification is based on the different representations that the game uses to satisfy a certain purpose. The game mode classification has clear and objective characteristics and is the most important and most common classification method for today's games.

The game mode classification has also gradually changed in the development of games in recent years. At the earliest, due to the computing power of electronic devices, video games are very simple, so there are fewer categories. With the advancement of computing power of gaming machines and personal computers, the enhancement of video games and the emergence of a large number of emerging 3D games.

Beginning the separation of game types based on shooting games, many small games are separated and independent from the big categories.

But in recent years, the game content is more abundant, and the gameplay and content between different kinds of games overlap and cross. Single-player games have gradually disappeared, and instead of large-scale games with multiple features, the categories of various games have merged.

In this article, in order to more clearly show the various types of relationships, the classification of the primary directory is also downsized. Note: There is no very simple single type game today, and most games have two or three game types.

Fold by game content
It is a method of classifying according to the internal elements of the game. This classification method is very intuitive, so you can quickly frame the game.

However, due to the wide variety of game content, the number of classification options for this category is very large, and only appears in the form of auxiliary classification. The main categories are: beautiful girl games, war games, horror games, suspense games.

Folding game vector
Games can be categorized by their carrier.

According to the carrier differentiation, the game can be divided into:

Electronic games

Non-electronic game

Because the game refers to video games, it can also refer to games such as chess, sports, and shuffleboard.

Folding by game platform
Games can be categorized by game platform.

According to the game platform, video games can be divided into:

Arcade game (device that uses a large game console to play)

Host game (a game that uses a home game console to play)

Computer games (games that are played using PCs and other computing computers)

Portable games (video games using handheld game consoles or mobile phones)

Fold by player number
The single game (Singe-Player Game) only has a game name for the single game function, and a few game functions with one machine and multiple players. In the early games alone, most of today's games come with full multiplayer connectivity. With multiplayer connectivity (especially when the online feature is complete), you can no longer call it a stand-alone game.

The Muti-Player Game is a general term for games with multiplayer online features. Unlike online games, many multiplayer online games have stand-alone combat capabilities, and most multiplayer online games do not use a free game operation strategy. It also includes Online Game, a multiplayer online game that allows players to connect with other players over time, and most of them have no stand-alone gaming features. With the development of online games in the Asian-style charging mode, most online games are free to play (Free to Play) and built-in game props.

Massive Multiplayer Online Game refers to a game on a server with multiplayer games that can provide a large number of players online at the same time.

Fold by game area
For Chinese players, games can usually be categorized by region, mainly by the following categories:

European and American games: Hardcore games dominate, shooting, racing and sports (also known as car guns) are the new force in European and American games. In general, these hard-core games are produced by larger game studios and distributed by large game publishers. These games also generally have realistic images and huge computational complexity, rich themes and huge branches. In addition to large-scale works, there are also works by small developers and independent game studios that are popular in the market, and there are many works similar to Japanese and Korean styles.

Japanese and Korean games: Although they are usually one category, there is still a gap between Japanese and Korean games. There are a huge number of games in Japan that are adventure games and non-3D renderings. There are also several famous European and American styles, but the ACGN culture in Japan has greatly influenced the design of the game. The Korean ACGN game is more like a blend of American anime and Japanese otaku culture. There are also many European and American style works. Although the kernel is Europe and America, Korean works always have a little cute style.

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