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More than 30 countries of animation and game companies gathered in "Anime Beijing"

Nearly 200 events such as the release of new technology results, derivatives trading, creative work display, film and television screening, music and repertoire performances were unveiled one by one.

From imitation to originality, from technology to production capacity, in recent years, China's animation game industry has developed rapidly, and entered the "golden age" with the scale of 100 billion yuan of output value. Liu Chungang, Secretary-General of Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association, introduced that in order to further promote the development of Beijing animation industry and international exchanges, the 7th "Anime Beijing" event set up an animation game interactive experience exhibition, summit forum, Golden Wing Awards selection, animation game carnival four major sections And held the premiere of the domestic boutique animation movie "Wind Mantra" and Blizzard Games Beijing Concert.

It is understood that internationally renowned animation game companies have shown strong interest in cooperation with Chinese companies. The Beijing Animation Game Industry Association and the Japan Image Revitalization Industry Agency signed the "Cultural Cooperation Agreement on Cultural Content Industry Development" to explore a diversified cooperation model, strengthen the intellectual supply of both parties, and promote the cultivation and exchange of animation and game talents of both parties.