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This August, we are happy to offer you a new light and fun game to enjoy during the hot summer hours, when the sun is just too strong and you can't do anything else than play in the shade :) 

Buttons, a game from Benjamin Schwer published by Noris Spiele, is now available on Board Game Arena!

Play it now!

In this game from the push-your-luck family, you'll try to get stars faster than your opponents. On each turn, you get the choice either to stop or to throw dice. The lone white die will match a line, and the black dice will match columns. Then you'll choose one of the intersections of the line and the columns to block with a transparent button. The spaces immediately next to this spot all become unavailable, so on the next dice throw, if the white die matches the same line, you'd better hope the black dice point to at least one of the available spots left, otherwise you are toast!

When you decide that it's getting too risky and you stop, you get one star for stopping in time (and not losing everything), one extra star for each button color covered at least 3 times with a transparent button, and one bonus star if the button color that was assigned to you for this round has been covered at least 3 times. Then you choose where to put the stars you earned on your board in place of the transparent buttons. Of course, these spaces will be unavailable from now on, so dice throws will get riskier as the game moves forward!

The game ends after one round where a player either has collected 12 stars or more, or managed to align 5 consecutive stars in a row or in a line. Then the player who triggered the end of the game (or he player with the most stars in case of more than one player triggerring the end of game on the same round) wins the game!

We would like to thank Markus Müller (SBHD) and Andrea Hofbeck from Noris Spiele for proposing Buttons for an adaptation on Board Game Arena, and the developper Adam Dewbery (apollo1001) who implemented it using BGA Studio.

Have fun going after the stars!