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ChinaJoy2018 rent Ge Liang with a multi-party partner to share the game feast


This year, ChinaJoy is based on the new requirements of industrial development, highlighting the new kinetic energy of science and technology, the positive energy of entertainment, and the new value of content, highlighting the vigorous development of China's digital content industry. As a partner of Thunder Century, LeGuang Liang and Taobao Leasing were invited to attend the "Intel Theme Pavilion" at E5 to showcase the latest game models.

Following the birth of the "Intel Theme Pavilion" in 2017, this year Intel once again served as the top partner of ChinaJoy with 12,000 square meters of venues. Many Intel game eco upstream and downstream partners competed in the venue to participate in the future of the game e-sports industry. As the backbone of the game console, the Thunder Century showcases Ageis, Hunting, and limited edition game consoles such as "Transformers, Knights, TF, Hornet".

In the past two years, with the rapid rise of the e-sports industry, major manufacturers have made their efforts in the game ecology. The IDC report pointed out that in 2017, China's game industry sales reached 2004 billion, and PC game players reached 170 million. In terms of product level, event level and industrial development, not only Intel, Thunder Century and other manufacturers, games, pan-entertainment, electronic equipment related fields have entered the market. As a representative of credit leasing, LeGing Liang is currently the leading brand of digital equipment rental in China. It has reached strategic cooperation with many game equipment manufacturers including Thunder Century, and will launch the latest and most cool game models in the first time.
From the simple low-resolution games of the past to 4K, VR/AR, and then to AI games, the e-sports industry is increasingly demanding the performance of game hardware, and the speed of product upgrades is getting faster and faster. Constantly updating PC equipment and comparing the differences between different PC equipment has become the wish of many e-sports players and game enthusiasts. Based on the concept of “sharing social resources, helping users optimize asset allocation, alleviating user cash pressure, and releasing large equipment purchases for users”, LeGuang provides users with various digital products including game PCs. Free deposit, monthly payment, full warranty. Really enjoy a more professional gaming experience for the majority of e-sports practitioners, gamers, Internet cafes, large-scale events and other places at a lower cost.
In "The Necessity", Kevin Kelly mentions an important trend in the future of mankind, that is, in the future, human beings need more "right to use" rather than "owning rights". With the rise of the voice of a new generation of consumers, consumption concepts and consumption patterns are changing. Leasing can not only reduce user costs, reduce idleness, but also become a lifestyle for younger generations to pursue new things and higher quality of life. Especially in the field of games where new and new people gather, paying attention to the experience and the ultimate in the spiritual world has become a major demand of life.
The principle of this year's ChinaJoy exhibition is “Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Inheriting Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture”. In the e-sports industry series activities, the conference also invites national industry authorities, Shanghai leaders, global e-sports industry institutions and well-known e-sports companies. The leader came to the lecture. As a part of the game's upstream and downstream, the company will continue to pay attention to the new initiatives and new trends in the development of China's e-sports industry, and promote the interactive development of the global e-sports industry, promote the healthy development of China's e-sports industry, and upgrade China. The e-sports industry is doing its best in global competitiveness.