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Cultural connotation helps upgrade the game industry


If online games are only targeted at the entertainment industry, the prospects are worrisome; but if online games are targeted at the pan-cultural industry, the trend of interaction with the cultural industry will become more and more obvious.

As people live rich and leisure time increases, the growth of entertainment demand will be an irreversible trend. How to treat online games and online game industry depends more on the quality of game products and the standard development of the game industry. If online games are only targeted at the entertainment industry, the prospects are worrisome; but if online games are targeted at the pan-cultural industry, the trend of interaction with the cultural industry will become more and more obvious.

The author is more inclined to position the game industry as a pan-cultural industry. The game industry is positioned as a pan-cultural industry, which will also greatly promote the cross-border integration of cultural industries, such as the popular literature, film and television, games and the development of downstream related intellectual property products. At the same time, with the relatively open design and development of game products, the trend of interaction with users will become more and more obvious. The user's stickiness of game products with cultural connotations will continue to strengthen, and the life cycle of game products will continue to increase. extend. At the same time, high-quality game projects with cultural connotations will likely be further developed into scene-consumption content.

The game industry is becoming an important form of Chinese culture overseas communication, such as the popularity of Chinese martial arts and other cultural materials. More and more Chinese game companies are now participating overseas and are deploying global markets with a global perspective. According to the 2017 China Game Industry Report, the actual sales revenue of China's independent research and development online games in overseas markets reached US$ 8.28 billion in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. In 2012, the figure was $570 million.

The development of China's game industry has been amazing for more than 10 years, but the growth rate of the game industry has slowed down this year. In the first half of this year, China's game market sales revenue growth rate was only 5.2%, and from 2015 to the first half of 2017, the game market sales revenue growth rate was as high as 21.9%, 30.1% and 26.7%. The reason for the slowdown in the growth of the game industry is that the game industry dividend period has passed, especially the demographic dividend, the number of new users is decreasing, and the industry standardization development is an inevitable trend; on the other hand, the game company has difficulty in financing, and the capital is not ebb. Less companies are in trouble.

At the end of last year, the eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Opinions on Strictly Regulating the Management of Online Game Markets", emphasizing the need to focus on the online game products with a large number of users and social influences, serious deviations from value orientation, and content prohibited by laws and regulations including violent pornography. Resolutely investigate and deal with it; resolutely rectify the content of the vulgar content and the practice of wiping the ball. The centralized rectification of illegal and irregular content of online games marked the end of the "barbaric growth" of the online game industry and ushered in a new stage of transformation and upgrading. With the extensive development of the game industry, there is no doubt that there will be innovative and original content and high quality game products will be more favored by capital. Cultural connotations and high quality content will help upgrade the game industry.

China's netizens are 772 million, and the huge demographic dividend gives space for the rapid development of online games. An online game, the number of users may reach hundreds of millions, and maybe even millions of people online at the same time. But what needs to be particularly vigilant is that there are about 160 million Internet users in China under the age of 19, and there are many people who love or often participate in online games. How to protect young people and avoid the adverse effects of online games? Many people have called for the introduction of mandatory grading standards for games as soon as possible. For example, segment by age and content nature to determine the applicable population for different games. This requires the participation and promotion of the government, society and enterprises.

The normative development of the industry is the basis for the sustainable development of the industry. The online game industry has been questioning the growth of the sound. Facing the development trend of the industry of high-quality, globalized and open platform, the game enterprises should adopt the pan-cultural industry. Position it forward.