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Children's parent-child games have many benefits

First, don't dampen your child's enthusiasm and trust in the game. Don't reject the child with an unacceptable attitude and let the child down. If parents don't want to participate in the game, don't simply and rudely reject the child, or be silent, try to use the euphemism or encouragement method to let the children play the game themselves.

Second, you can not deceive your child. Parents always think that adults are more knowledgeable than children. Children are innocent and can deceive children with some more pleasing language. Anyway, children's attention is more easily attracted by other things. Therefore, the child is often promised that it cannot be achieved. However, children are often not as childish as adults think. They will remember the promises given to them by adults. If parents deceive their children, the children will not trust the parents over time. Not only that, but serious, it will also cast a shadow on the children. .

Third, do not perfuse the child, if the parents participate in the children's game, do not think that the child is still small, do not understand anything, but casually perfunctory, the parents are immediately involved in the child's game, the child is requested because of young age or role needs or lack of game partners Parents should be involved and guide the children's games in the form of characters and games, so that the game can be carried out smoothly.

4. If the child is too dependent to ask the parents to play together, in order to foster the independence of the child, the parents should not participate, but should stay with the child or stay in the place where the child sees, so that the child will not be uneasy during the game. Don't sneak away when the child is playing in order to cultivate independence. This will cause the child to be distracted and cause uneasiness.

Parents and babies can do more parent-child games, which can not only accompany the children to grow up happily, but also help the baby build self-confidence and enhance the ability to communicate with others. Parents should give the baby a role as a model, so that words must be done, and words and beliefs, so that the baby will have a great help in establishing a correct outlook on life. In addition, the parent-child game allows the baby to play and learn during the growth process, which helps the baby to entertain and entertain.