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Game childcare, the parenting method recommended by the American parenting doctor

When children are calm, playing games with them often reduces the number of times they lose their temper. For example, your child is often furious because you refuse to buy something from him. Then, when you are in a good mood, play a game of pretending to buy something, let your child pretend to be a mother or father, and then reject you.
It is also possible that the child will always say "good" because in the imagination, he can perform the role of "perfect" parents. These games unleash the child's nervousness caused by rejection, and it is this tension that makes the child completely overwhelmed by emotions.

This kind of game can prevent children from getting angry because they go to bed, share or other things. Show the scene in a silly way, let the children choose who he plays, who you play.
When the child's feelings are accepted, not rejected, some people can understand empathy even if they lose their temper, so that when they grow up, they will become emotionally mature and responsible people. They will understand their emotions. As adults, they will confidently and politely communicate their feelings with others, neither angry nor depressed. This emotional balance is the key to success in life.

Do you still remember the tantrums when you were young? As an adult, how do you express your anger now? Can you imagine someone telling you, can you have these strong emotions? Can you imagine someone saying to you: "I listen Come, I will stay with you"?
This kind of recall will also help you to be more stable when your child loses his temper. Slowly, you will naturally understand your child and empathize with them.