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What is the origin of the game?

The earliest prototype of the game can be traced back to the popular activities of human primitive society: throwing stones and throwing pointed sticks. These earliest games are obviously based on the enhancement of survival skills. After the social progress, chess games and competitive games began to appear, which was born for intellectual training and adapting to competition. "Scissors, stones, cloth" is a typical example, and all kinds of chess cards are another typical. There is a club in the United Kingdom called "Scissors, Stones, and Cloths." In this world-wide common guessing language, psychologists continue to have new research reports, using this simplest game to study the character and win-win of different punchers. The chance. The reason why this simple game lasts for a long time is that in the process of calculating the heart of this punch, the simulation of the opponent's mentality and the response of the opponent are constantly added, so that in this simple game, there is a taste that will never be erased. Today's purely entertaining games, such as online games, bring players pure PK, monsters and upgrades. These “values” occupy the definition of the game, making the original serious “game” lost in entertainment.