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Don't do it anymore! This kind of parent-child game hurts the baby very much, most moms and dads have done it.


In November 1926, the famous painter Mr. Feng Zikai drew a cartoon "In addition to the night." In the picture, a father raised his child high above his head. The child’s face was a smile from the heart. Next to it was the inscription “Tonight is two years old, and the Ming Dynasty is three years old”. His father’s love for the child and his joy are full of joy. On paper. This cartoon is estimated to be the earliest record of this dangerous game, "lifting high."

Usually, we often see Dad throwing the baby into the air, then catching it with both hands and throwing it up... This "high-lifting" game usually makes the children and parents feel happy, and can really increase the parent-child. The interaction and feelings, but this kind of parent-child game that almost every dad has done with the child has a great harm to the baby's young body!

Why does the "lifting high" game cause danger and damage to the baby's body?

Human physical development is a process of continuous improvement. After birth, as the body grows, the spine and various organs of the body grow and develop. At this time, the baby is still very fragile in all parts of the body. Any excessive external force can easily cause physical damage.

When Dad throws the baby into the air and let it fall freely, the speed of the baby's decline will increase significantly due to the acceleration of gravity. At this time, when Dad catches the child with his hand, he must increase the strength of his hands to catch the child. The result may be that the child's spine is damaged by excessive external force, and even damage to the internal organs (the child's chest and abdomen tissue is weak, and the ability to protect the internal organs of the chest and abdomen is limited).

In addition, when the height is high, some parents do not pay attention to the chandeliers, ceiling fans and other items on the roof. When the child is thrown into the air, the child's head collides with the chandelier and the ceiling fan, causing serious damage to the child's head. These accidents have occurred from time to time, and parents should pay attention to them.

Compared with the "high lift" parent-child game on the child's body damage, another kind of playground activity that is deeply loved by children is even more dangerous. This is the "trampoline game."

There are media reports:

Ningbo 5-year-old girl Miao Miao played a trampoline. On the second day, Miao Miao suddenly fell down and said that her stomach hurts. She was sent to the hospital for examination. Miao Miao suffered from ovarian cysts. According to the doctor, she changed her position during the trampoline, her activity was severe, and the ovarian cyst was acutely reversed, resulting in persistent abdominal pain in the lower abdomen.

Jia Jia, a 4-year-old girl from Chengdu, jumped on the trampoline for another 4 hours, causing a spiral fracture of the left leg.

A 10-year-old boy in Wuhan played 3 trampoline games, causing serious damage to the chest and loss of consciousness.

The 5-year-old boy from Dongguan was injured in a trampoline game, and the hospital diagnosed a grade 10 disability.


Why does the seemingly safe "trampoline game" have such a "killing power" for children?

The characteristic of the trampoline game is that the child's body can move up and down quickly and vertically through the fixed waist seal and the elastic traction rope on the left and right sides. The child needs to constantly adjust during the game to maintain the balance of the body, otherwise the tilt will occur. Dangerous conditions such as rotation.

However, children under the age of 10 are still not well-developed in their nervous systems, and their coordination and self-protection skills are insufficient. When the body is up and down in a short period of time, it is in a state of weightlessness during the high-speed descent. After touching the force surface, it quickly rebounds and rises. When the child's feet touch the trampoline, the strength on his spine is far greater than his weight. This is likely to cause "whiplash".

The so-called "whiplash" is like a high-altitude fall injury. It converts potential energy into kinetic energy. It has a great impact on the body, and it is easy to cause spinal injury and limb fracture.

In addition, it should be noted that this kind of prosperous children's paradise is in the “three no matter” supervision blind zone, that is to say, in the event of an accident, the shopping mall will not be responsible, even if the lawsuit is filed, the parents themselves are difficult to shirk. Liability for poor supervision.

The child is the heart of the family. While caring for his healthy growth, avoiding accidents also requires parents to keep in mind.