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The definition and evolution of the game

Folding game definition
1. Plato's game definition:

The game is a conscious simulation of all the young (animal and human) life and ability to jump.

2. Aristotle's game definition:

The game is a rest and pastime after work, and it does not carry any kind of behavioral activity.

3. The definition of the game by Ruff Coster (Chief Creative Officer of Sony Online Entertainment):

The game is to learn some kind of activity in happiness.

4. Definition of Cihai:

The main purpose of direct access to pleasure is that there must be activities in which the subject participates in the interaction.

This definition illustrates the two most basic features of the game:

(1) The main purpose is to directly obtain pleasure (including physical and psychological pleasure).

(2) The subject participates in the interaction. Subject participation and interaction means that the changes in subject movement, language, expression, etc. are directly related to the stimulation method and the degree of stimulation.

Folding evolution
The game is born with animals. In the animal world, games are a kind of activity that all kinds of animals are familiar with the living environment, understand each other, practice competitive skills, and then get "natural choices."

Games, made with humans. In human society, games not only retain the characteristics of animal instincts, but more importantly, human beings as higher animals, creating a variety of game activities for their own development needs.

The game, not for entertainment, is a serious human spontaneous activity with the goal of survival skills training and intellectual development.