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Chinese chess culture and Chinese connections

Chinese people often feel proud to be smart, so where can they be reflected? One thing we can't deny is that the Chinese understand the rules and the ability to understand the rules is particularly strong. For chess games, the Chinese chess game category is the most in the world, and the players of chess games are the most countries in the world. There are thousands of players who play games on friends and family every day.

The Chinese people themselves have invented the rules of chess, and these rules are very rigorous. No matter which game you carefully scrutinize, you can easily find the flaws of its own rules, and some are just some of the tricks that can improve the technology. However, these defects are not seen at a glance, and they need to be studied in depth. These things all reflect the Chinese people's thoughtful and meticulous.
Inventing chess games, or inducing rules for board games, are all manifestations of the Chinese people's ability to use and understand rules, and of course reflect the wisdom of the Chinese.