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Misunderstanding of parent-child games

1. Irritable to interfere with children

For children, things around them can be used as games, so sometimes some of their actions will make parents unable to understand, especially when their actions are not appropriate, some parents will immediately dissuade and have a tough tone; some parents Because children are lovable, they will be teased and teased. These are very bad. Although the children are not big, they also understand the words and the behavior of the parents will affect their growth.

Correction: In the event, adults should be in a reciprocal relationship with children, so that children can be more active in the game. Through active participation, children can learn how to handle things correctly.

2. Use the eyes of adults to measure the game of children

Whether it is learning knowledge or developing personality and behavior, games are one of the best ways. Parents should not judge their children's games with their own eyes. They should not restrict their gameplay because they don't have their own appetite, and even force him to do activities that he does not like.

Corrective Law: Parents need to take action only when there are problems in the activity that children can't overcome or have bad influence on them. At other times, they can let them play and create.

3. The activities carried out are not suitable for the age of the child.

As they grow, the games they are interested in will change. Some games are very interesting for a one-year-old child, but it is simple and boring for children of 2 or 3 years old. At this time, parents can use toys to carry out activities.

Corrective Law: The game should be suitable for children of this age, so that it is attractive and can help enlighten children's IQ.

4. Do not pay attention to the cultivation of good game habits

When children can follow the rules in the game and be able to arrange their own games when they are playing, it is helpful to have some guidelines for mastering social behavior.

Correction: Parents can let the children clean up the venue after the game is over; let the children arrange their own time, when to play, how long to play, and so on.

5. Always involved in the children's game

Children are not always with people, even a small baby can play with their own fingers and have fun. Therefore, parents should learn to give their children personal space.

Corrective Law: When carrying out such activities, parents should let the children become more independent. Parents don't need to step in if the children play well themselves.

6. Did not help when the help was done

In the game, children sometimes ask for help or ask for help. Parents can't ignore or bind them because they feel that their game is meaningless, but they need to help.