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The history of military chess


The original "god chess" has no fixed rules. In fact, it is said that the "combat simulation" is accurate. That is to say, during the war, the war commander often uses some kind of mark to indicate the strength of the warring parties on the original map. Then, respond to the possible actions of the enemy and express the possible progress of the war so that they can choose the most favorable actions for themselves in the actual war to achieve the purpose of the war. This kind of "combat simulation" is available in every country, and the content is similar: a picture that follows the real situation, then several pieces represent the strength, then analyze what you will do, and how do I do it.

This is the case when the middle school also learned the game of Mozi and the public loser.

The person who really brought this "war simulation" into the track of the military chess is von Levititz.

In 1807, von Leswitz invented the strict Rigid Kriegspiel, which of course was a tool for the successful analysis of war and was passed down to this day.

In 1811, after three more improvements, it became the so-called Kriegspiel (German "war game", that is, the game of war), and von Leswitz presented it to King 腓terre III. The king soon became fascinated by this. chess. Since then, the war chess has become popular among the kings of European countries.

Kriegspiel can be said to be the ancestor of the military chess, with a variety of variants.

In 1883, US Army Officer Taunton designed a war game for amateurs based on Kriegspiel, which attracted great interest to American children and military enthusiasts at the time. This development was a game of war for games.

In 1913, Wells published a book called "Little Wars," in which he published a set of rules for war games designed for amateurs, allowing folks to start playing games. Understand that the book is also regarded as "the Bible of the war chess player."

In 1952, American Charles S. Roberts designed the war game "Tactics" to standardize the grid of maps with a positive hexagonal map for future generations of chess games. It is worth mentioning that Roberts established a company in 1954 for commercial sales, truly making the game of chess a popular entertainment that anyone can participate in, and Roberts is also known as the father of the desktop war game. This company is today's Avalon Hill game company.

As for the French Army chess stratego that we later said, the Frenchman improved according to Kriegspiel in 1908, and removed the scorpion in the original chess and became a one-step chess. As for the elements of the spy when it appears, this detailed information is not available for verification.

The current version of China's land warfare was based on the French Army Chess. The military rank was changed to the PLA system, and elements such as railways, camps, and base camps were added. The invention was invented between 1927 and 1954, and the inventor was unknown. The rationale is: a book published in 1954, already has Chinese land war chess; in the military chess printed by the Commercial Press in 1927, there is no such thing as a "bomb".