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Ubisoft will release the NS platform board game adaptation game "Intelligence Board"


Ubisoft's energy players on the Switch are obvious to all. There are standard platform games like Mario + Mad Rabbit: The Battle of the Kingdom, Lehman Legend: The End Edition, and UNO, Real Estate Tycoon, etc. The work that was transplanted from the hot table game. Recently, according to the registration information leaked from the Taiwanese rating website, Ubisoft will soon release two NS games adapted from board games.

The two games are "Trivial Pursuit" and "Risk". The former is a classic puzzle quiz game that contains various types of questions; the latter is a military-style strategy game. Players need to use the dice to compete for territory. Both games were launched in collaboration with Ubisoft and Hasbro, and have been available on various platforms. The PS4 version is priced at $15.