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The historical origin of flying chess

Regarding the age and inventor of the invention of flying chess, there seems to be no relevant clues on the Internet.
The more consistent opinion is that he at least invented after about World War II because it was about flying (FLIGHT GAME). However, some people think that this is not convincing, because it may be the first to have the rule and then the name of the flying chess. It is entirely possible to appear before the aircraft is invented. Furthermore, it can be directly related to the aircraft (PLANE) because its name only refers to flying (FLIGHT).

This should be the originality of the Chinese people, produced by the Chinese toy company, is said to commemorate the outstanding achievements of the Flying Tigers during World War II, is a variant of the pachisi game.

This circling design of flying chess comes from the "Lafferbury Circle" in the air battle. The Frenchman Lafbury made an improvement to Germany's "big circle formation" tactics, so that the aircraft participating in the formation not only kept on a horizontal plane, but also hovered around the circle. In this way, you can use the defensive formation to hover for a high advantage and wait for an attack. This is the famous "Laverbury Circle". At that time, people invented this kind of chess, using an advanced air combat tactic.