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Movie, TV and Character Related Board Games



Let's Roll!

I'm taking old Movie, TV and Character related board games and making digital versions playable in your browser. It all started as an exercise in learning JavaScript programming, but I found I enjoyed the process so much, I decided to make a whole website about it.


Spin Out!

I'm always looking for new board games to convert, so if you can help me by providing physical copies of your games, or Hi-Res Scans of game assets, I would be happy to credit you for your help.

The Rules We Code By:

  • Must be directly related to Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books or related characters.
  • Must be out of print (e.g. you can't go to Walmart and buy a copy right now).
  • Must not be a character version of a standard board game (e.g. no Simpsons Monopoly or Star Wars Risk)