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There are many benefits to playing with your baby.

Jigsaw puzzle is a very developed game for baby intelligence that can adjust your baby's multiple senses. Moreover, the price of such a toy from jigsaw puzzles ranges from a dozen yuan to a few hundred yuan, and almost every family can pay.

It can be said that jigsaw puzzle is a very intimate baby intellectual development tool, and the fun of this kind of economical jigsaw puzzle can bring endless fun to the baby, but also help to cultivate children's multiple abilities. Moms summed up the benefits of taking a baby to play jigsaw puzzles!

1. Master the relationship between "partial" and "all"

In the process of playing the puzzle with the baby, the baby is taught to recognize the relationship between “partial” and “all”, guiding the child to recognize the process from “partial” to “all”, and all of the understanding is composed of many parts. You can also combine life with children to talk about reason and talk about life. Such as team awareness.

2, familiar with the concept of plane combination

The puzzle uses a concept of a flat combination, unlike a building block. Of course, if the puzzles and blocks are played together, the effect will be good.

3, the meaning of the order of delivery

Your baby will have a natural understanding of new things, such as many children know to start from the edge. But there are still many children who suddenly come into contact with so many jigsaw pieces and don't know how to start. This requires parents to guide, guide them to see the model drawings, guide them to start from the edge, teach them to complete in order. The process of the puzzle is also the process of the baby's continuous learning sequence, and establishes a sense of gradually completing one thing.

4. Enhance hand-eye coordination and cultivate patient and dedicated personality

Children who can play puzzles quietly are generally very patient. And the constant comparison and attempt to piece together in the puzzle process can exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination ability. So playing puzzles can also exercise your child's patience and cultivate their spirit of concentration. Children who can play puzzles must be children who can live.

5, understand life, exercise and solve problem thinking

Most of the puzzle patterns come from life, so the process of playing puzzles is the process of children's understanding of life. At the same time, the child's ability to observe in life can also be played in the process of playing puzzles. At the same time, playing puzzles requires children to think about difficult problems. They must put each piece into practice, reasoning, practice, hypothesis, practice, and then think... finally find the correct position of the puzzle piece.

6, improve the ability to withstand pressure

As the baby grows up, we will also choose a bigger puzzle for them to play. At first, the child may be very interested, but then there will be a lot of children who are halfway through, because they are always misspelling and cannot proceed.

When the child is harassed by the "old misspelling" frustration, the parents are the best spiritual instructors. They must accompany the children to overcome the difficulties, guide the children to change their angles, change the time, change the environment, but do not allow halfway, and cannot advocate this kind of thinking. Appearance. This process of overcoming difficulties can improve the child's ability to withstand stress, while at the same time allowing the baby to feel the motivation of the mother's love with them.

7. Help your child develop a sense of accomplishment

When the messy puzzles are pieced together to form a beautiful picture, it is the happiest time for the children. Parents must praise the children more, this will give the child the power to advance, so that the child has a sense of accomplishment. It is also the source of children's self-confidence in the future.

Finally, you need to remind everyone: when parents choose puzzles for their baby, it is best to choose the brand, the pattern to attract children, the material to be safe, to avoid the child swallowing, can not be burr easily scratch the children's skin is suitable for children.

Summary: There are many kinds of jigsaw puzzles on the market, various patterns, various materials, and even the number of pieces and the degree of difficulty. Therefore, parents should pay attention to communicate with their children when choosing. According to their age, gender, hobbies, etc., choose the jigsaw puzzle that children like to fit, so that the baby can play more durable and more valuable.

Parents should also pay attention to taking children to play with puzzles. In the game, you can guide your baby, play more creativity and imagination, let the limited puzzles play unlimited value, let the baby fall in love with the puzzle, and at the same time train the children. feeling.