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A strategic two-person board game, 40 rules of life wisdom, and the sentence is used!

Go, a strategic two-player board game, was called "Game" in ancient China and "Go" in the West. Popular in East Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea), it is one of the four arts of poetry, calligraphy and painting. Go originated in China and was made by the emperor. It was recorded during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. In the Sui and Tang dynasties, it was introduced into Japan by North Korea and spread to Europe and the United States. Go contains the rich content of Chinese culture and it is a manifestation of Chinese culture and civilization.

A strategic two-person board game, 40 rules of life wisdom, and the sentence is used!

1. If you can't find the right solution to the problem, it's likely that the direction in which you think is simply wrong.

2. If you are struggling to pursue your goals, you have a feeling of pain, and it is likely that your goal is wrong.

3. Any pain and difficulty you face is not imposed on you by your opponent. The imperfect self is the real reason for the problem.

4. The dilemmas and troubles you face are not the fate of fate. It is your own mistakes that have caused your dilemma. It is your own greed that has created your troubles.

5. No one can guarantee that your daily efforts will be successful, but you must make every effort to succeed.

6. Carefully do your own thing is the best way to defeat your opponent. Overly concerned about the opponent's shortcomings will ignore their own flaws and become the seeds of failure.

7. Not forgiving the opponent who once defeated himself is a stupid villain. The reason for not forgiving his own failure and trying to find a failure is the gentleman of wisdom.

8. When you are victorious, learn to respect your opponent. When you fail, you must learn to respect yourself.

9. Thinking is the pursuit of truth. It is our quest for hope.

10. Confusion is the unique wealth of thinkers. Epiphany is a unique opportunity for diligent people.

11. Reflections after failure are reflections and criticisms on their inner world, and reflection is the driving force for constant self-improvement.

12. The pain after failure is blame for his laziness. The tears after failure are the explanation of his own conscience. Go does not believe in tears.

13. People with low levels often care about people saying that his level is low, and people with high levels never pay attention to others saying that he is high.

14. Kungfu is time, time is hard work.

15. The effort is immersed in flowing water, and practice is to wear water through the stone.

16. Even if you work very hard, you will never defeat everyone. Even if you are a genius who works hard, everyone will have the opportunity to defeat you. All you can do is to make as many people as you can beat and make it difficult for others to defeat you.

17. It may be your teacher who can guide you in good times. It is absolutely your benefactor to give you adversity.

18. Human beings have omnipotent power, and human beings are not omnipotent.

19. Cleverness can make you win a game, but it can't make you win forever. Great wisdom can make you lose one game. Yingwu can benefit you for the rest of your life.

20. Wisdom is used to comprehend truth, and truth is used to test wisdom.

21. Forgetting your own failure will only make you happy today. Remember that the reasons for your failure a long time ago will make you progress every day.

22. Continuous efforts that do not see the end are sometimes painful, but you will certainly not be happy if you give up.

23. When you have the joy of victory, you have to know that happiness is not eternal. When you have the pain of failure, you must know that pain is not eternal.

24. Knowing yourself is the only way to accomplish yourself. Only by understanding your own shortcomings can you change yourself. Understanding your own strengths can change the world around you.

25. Perseverance in thinking of truth is the beginning of self-confidence, and attachment to specific things is the beginning of ignorance.

26. Struggle is the promise of practicing true love. You love yourself, you have to fight for your future. You love the world, you have to fight for the development of this world. You love your Go, you have to fight for the survival and value of your pieces.

27. If you struggle, you will have sacrifices, but life will be brilliant.

28. Trying to find a good solution in an already broken result has no future. We must find the cause of the outcome.

29. Thinking can enrich the connotation of your life, and determination can expand the extension of your ability.

30. Don't put your efforts in the game that you will definitely lose. The unnecessary struggle is a waste of life.

31. Your greedy pursuit of victory, you will deviate from the truth. As you strive for truth, you will come to victory.

32. Based on defeating an opponent who will never make a mistake, you will be a person who is striving for perfection.

33. If you are expecting your opponent to make mistakes, your heart will be occupied by troubles. If you are waiting for your opponent to make a mistake, your heart will be filled with fear.

34. If you marry your opponent's interests, your spirit will be painful. If you smash your opponent's achievements, your mind will be painful.

35. The proud person knows the effort, and the inferior person chooses to give up.

36. All the stories that happen on the board are rooted in your inner thoughts.

37. All the accidents that occur on the board are due to the lack of thinking.

38. The pursuit of rapid victory is often due to the impetuous inner world.

39. The choice to endure patience is often due to the strength of the inner world.

40. If you win, your winning process must not be perfect. If you fail, the reason you failed to go must reflect the existence of your weaknesses.

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